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Nina Smith
Finnish teacher living in the US
Finnish teacher living in the US

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Supporting multilingual learning
I have a habit of reading news feed of recent research in education.   This one   caught my eye today, so I shared it in Twitter:  Too often assessments and evaluations focus on students' language
skills instead algebraic understanding, problem solving, or ...

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Learning process
Learning is extremely individual, situational and contextual! One thing is granted, though: learning involves a change. How we perceive learning depends on the learning theories we believe in. See this post for further discussion about that: The Big Picture...

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Quest for better learning
Learner-centered practices have been validated with years - no, decades! - of global research in education and psychology. Why are the authoritarian practices still so widely used in classrooms? I wish I knew! I often admit to my own students (teachers and ...

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Schooling or learning?
What is the perception we have about education? Is it something that we actively engage in? Or something the educational systems do to us? The difference between these two perceptions is huge. When people believe that education is a life-long learning journ...

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I very much agree with this!  Engagement is an investment in one's own (lifelong) learning. We also need work cultures that support ubiquitous  learning, because mandatory engagement promotes just compliance, not interest. To support the intrinsic interest to learn - that we all were born with - the work culture must empower independent learning and thinking.

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The Big Picture for Learning Centered Education
The previous posts have discussed learning and teaching philosophy  and dispositions , as these are important for the consistency and integrity of the chosen instructional methods in the classroom while beginning to emphasize learning-centered education . S...

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Agency and ownership of learning
Learning is an important part of being a human.  We couldn't survive without the ability to learn and adapt to the environment where we live, work and learn. Human development doesn't end in adolescence, but continues throughout our lives. School learning i...

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Learning Strategies
Learning is such an individual experience! We all have our own way to learn, and the orientations, approaches and strategies we use for learning have been acquired during childhood and educational experiences, thus becoming quite stable by constant reinforc...

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Principles of life-long, life-deep and life-wide learning
In  a classroom, or within any group of learners, the reality is that each individual has a different learning experience, even while they all are instructed the same way. Fascinating, isn't it?! We all bring into the learning situation our own learning his...

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Wonderings about learning and intelligence
It seems that intelligence - or the way how we understand intelligence - is very much context dependent. In formal education those students who are able to reproduce the learning material delivered to them are often considered to be intelligent. This abilit...
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