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ok google+bloggers....are you asking followers to like "you" or did you start a separate page for your blog? i'm so confused!
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Many bloggers aren't really using G+ yet, but tons of photographers are and most of them just have a personal G+ page and post their blog or business stuff on that too. Some do have a G+ page, but not many right now. I just have one and only send out blog posts to my blogging circles.
Not yet. I'm still deciding. When I started G+ in the beginning it was only for people and they were blocking anything else. I'm still deciding. I just started posting my blog only to people in my blog circles. Most of my followers are photographers and I post all of my photographs public anyway. Thanks Cheryl! It's nice to meet new people like you and +Rach H
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how did you post the badge? I tried and it didnt work...
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