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PUE 1.12 to 1.2, AC free, plans for thin film batteries and solar. Full SDN. No data about $$$/MW.
If you want to study how datacenter design has changed over the past two decades, a good place to visit is Quincy, Washington. There are five different dat
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You may not know that there's a rich tradition of chemists writing, shall we say, rather bluntly about their trade. And one of the kings of it is Derek Lowe, a drug discovery chemist who writes a semi-regular blog titled "Things I Won't Work With," primarily about the research that people in other branches of chemistry do that makes him question their sanity.

While it helps to know some chemistry to follow what's going on (that e.g., most of the molecules in your body use carbon for their superstructure, because nitrogen in the superstructure tends to want to get out of said superstructure rather quickly, which is to say "with an earth-shattering kaboom"), you don't really need to:

"If you or I (’cause we’re sensible, right?) look at a well-known crater-maker like dinitropyrazolopyrazole, we’ll probably decide that it has pretty much all the nitrogens it needs, if not more. But that latest paper builds off the question “How do we cram more nitro groups into this thing?”, and that’s something that wouldn’t have occurred to me to ask. Saying “this compounds doesn’t have enough nitro groups” is, for most chemists, like saying “You know, this lab doesn’t have enough flying glass in it” – pretty much the same observation, in the end."

I should also say that Lowe is the person who introduced me to John D. Clark's classic textbook of the history and practice of liquid rocket propellants, Ignition!, and if this sort of writing at all appeals to you (or if you were just always curious about what kinds of things can cause you to accelerate away from them at remarkable speed), then you should dig up a copy as soon as possible.

Thanks to +Amber Yust for finding and sharing this latest gem in Lowe's collection.

(Bonus: If you go to the homepage of Prof. Shreeve, lead author of the "more nitrogen!!!" paper above, you will find someone who you might mistake for a kindly librarian if you passed them on the street. This is someone who is a distinguished professor of Materials and Fluorine Chemistry, a title which alone will cause most chemists to look for some convenient large object to hide behind.
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On this day:
At 27th September of 1985, Teddy Ruxpin hit stores in the US. Teddy Ruxpin became an overnight sensation as parents and children embraced this lovable, animated storytelling toy with a wholesome, gentle nature. Through Teddy, children were introduced to "The World of Teddy Ruxpin", a magically imaginative place filled with Teddy's many friends and his many exciting adventures in the land of Grundo.

His name is Ruxpin, Teddy Ruxpin adorable. Believe it or not, there was a time where speaking robotic toys weren't commonplace. In the '80s, a certain singing, talkative bear named Teddy Ruxpin was king of the toy box.

Exactly 31 years ago, lazy parents that didn't want to read to their kids before bedtime received a godsend: Teddy Ruxpin. That name should ring a bell to anyone that still has clear memories of the 1980s, but if you don't, all you need to know is that it's a teddy bear that reads stories. He's not some sort of cyborg bear from a distant future, but rather a standard teddy bear with a cassette recorder in its belly. To complete the effect, its mouth moved along with the story. Kids were easier to impress before the Internet.

Teddy was created by Ken Forsse with later assistance by Larry Larsen and John Davies, and the first version of the toy was designed by the firm RKS Design. It was first produced in 1985 by toy manufacturer Worlds of Wonder. There was also a companion toy named Grubby, which connected to Teddy via a cable; this allowed the two engage in pre-recorded interactions. Grubby will only work with this version of Teddy Ruxpin.

There were several other non-animatronic companion toys and characters made as well. They include two different versions of the bird-like Fobs (one orange, one purple). They were hand puppets with a sock-like, extendable neck. Other hand puppets were the larger Wooly What's-It, three interchangeable Anythings (This, That, The Other), Tweeg, and L.B. The Bounder. Other items produced by Worlds Of Wonder for Teddy Ruxpin include the Answer Box, and Picture Show.

With the strength of its line of toys, Worlds Of Wonder’s fortunes rose well beyond its assets. Stock trades by company officers spooked investors. Attempting to stem the tide, WOW issued Non-Investment Grade Bonds, commonly known as junk bonds, in an effort to buoy itself.

Although there is some contention as to whether this strategy would have helped, the attempt was made moot by the 1987 stock market crash. Worlds Of Wonder filed for bankruptcy protection and was liquidated in 1988. They went through a series of layoffs. The creditors continued to operate the company in receivership until finally closing its doors in late 1990.

By 1991 Worlds of Wonder had folded and the remaining assets were liquidated. The Teddy Ruxpin toy line was then picked up by Hasbro, which produced him under their Playskool line until 1996 using the redesign that had been implemented by WOW. This design was smaller and used cartridges that resembled 8-track tapes, instead of cassette tapes. Unfortunately, this cartridge system proved to be easily damaged.

In 1998, Yes! Entertainment brought Teddy Ruxpin back to stores for a third time. The toy's size was largely the same as the Playskool version. Yes! returned to using the standard cassette tapes. This venture was short-lived, however, as Yes! Entertainment's corporate management and financial troubles ultimately resulted in AlchemyII withdrawing the licensing for Teddy.

During this production of Teddy Ruxpin, the original Hi-Topps videos were edited and released to work alongside Teddy using the Interactive TV & Video Pack. There was also a small Beanie Baby version of the toy that came boxed with the YES! Teddy Ruxpin in an effort to capitalize on the popularity of Beanie Babies at the time.

At the peak of his popularity, Teddy Ruxpin became the best-selling toy of 1985 and 1986, and the newest version was awarded the 2006 Animated Interactive Plush Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. The Teddy Ruxpin character was so popular that he got his own cartoon show in 1987 and Wendy's even had a children's meal connected to it.

Teddy-mania fizzed out by the 1990s, though in 2005 BackPack Toys brought it back into toy stores, though today's kids didn't quite embrace it like their 1980s predecessors. Although Teddy Ruxpin is no longer produced by BackPack Toys, some remaining toys and cartridges are available via online retail channels.

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#Retro #80sMemories #Onthisday #TeddyBear
#Vintage #ChildhoodMemories #TalkingBear
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Christopher Jones

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Definitely some beautiful blades
Don’t forget to purify your soul before heading to this museum’s display of samurai swords that were designed to do just one thing: kill.
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How would we react if we received a voyager like probe?
What would it mean to get a message from a distant alien civilization?
What do you think an alien civilization would make of our recording?
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Security is definitely one of the core strengths of Google's OnHub routers. Guess the rumored new Google WiFi routers will basically use the same software foundation.
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