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Re shared from google busines page: Best haunted attraction I've been to! I live in Batavia, OH and my friend and I met up with 2 other friends in Fairfield so we drove from their house. It was a little drive about an hour and a half or so altogether, but I must say, it was more than worth it, especially for only $16!!! The waiting line looked ridiculously long but we got to the ticket booth in about half an hour compared to over an hour at most haunted attractions. They also have a food booth and prices are very exceptional. BEWARE! THEY DO TOUCH YOU IN THE CAVE! That is what scared me the most, especially in the beginning going across the bridge, but I loved it! The technical aspects of the attraction blew me away. I've never seen anything like it before in an attraction like this. You are also in the cave for a little more than an hour. If you are deciding between Kings Island's Halloween Haunt or this, this would be your answer most definitely. This place is most definitely worth the money and the drive!!

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