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Jeevan Kuruvilla
A student of medicine. Specialized in the branch of Community Health. Still learning.
A student of medicine. Specialized in the branch of Community Health. Still learning.

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Misleading . . .
One of the major group of patients whom we serve at Barwadih are those who present with diarrhoea. Since last few months, quite a many of the patients tell us not to prescribe Oral Rehydration Solution powder as there is a ready to drink ORS preparation ava...

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My goats are on the hill
It's diarrhoea season at our place now. Patients of all ages are coming in various stages of the disease. So far, the good Lord has healed everyone. Yesterday, we got the sickest of the lot. Around late morning, an elderly lady was carried in with a history...

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Gas . . . Gas . . . and Gas
Three days back, we had a elderly lady being brought. Carried in her son's arms, she was worn out and thin with a protruding abdomen. Clearly a case of ascites or a large abdominal tumour.  Since it was close to afternoon, I did a quick examination and sent...

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Oh . . . Ragi . . .
After quite a long time since we had been trying to reintroduce Ragi into the local diet (since 2011), we still don't have any data to prove that we've made any impact. However, I keep hearing stories on how many more farmers grow millets in the Palamu regi...

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It's been a long time since I blogged in this one. It's almost an year since we got back to Palamu region, in a smaller place than before, where I'm much more accessible to those who could benefit from my skills. I thought an incident which happened few day...

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Sabbatical . . .
The last 100 days, I thought of taking a break from my blog . . . I hope the break is over. Part of the reason for the break was laziness. Now, as I mull over what caused my laziness, part of the answer was that I did not seem to get a break from the routin...

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Referred by a Jhad Phuk
of weeks back, we had a young boy wheeled in. It was late evening,
just after we finished our outpatient work. The
history was that of a bite at dawn while he was sleeping on the
floor. The boy had seen the snake slightering off into the dark but

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Unusual bite - 1
One advice we give to village folk to prevent snake bite is to avoid sleeping on the floor and rather using a cot. I've even seen advice to use a mosquito net to prevent snakes from getting inside the cot. However, Mrs. Guddi did all of it. But still ended ...

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this little 8 year old girl in the snap appears all set to break into
a dance if some music is put on. As one of my colleagues put it,
smiles like this one can really take the stress off a very very busy
day. There
is more reason for Muskan to put s...
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