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Hadley Beeman
Open data, open standards and government technology policy
Open data, open standards and government technology policy

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The UK government has a lot of IP addresses — can they do you more good than us?

By me: Freeing up unused IP addresses

#networking #IPv4 #efficiency

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+Mike Bracken explains what today's document formats announcement to use ODF, HTML5 & PDF/A means for all of us in government.


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#OpenStandards  news:

UK government selects ODF for editing documents; HTML & PDF for viewing them. 


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The NSA is recruiting a Privacy & Civil Liberties Officer.

This role will "serve as the primary advisor to the Director of NSA for ensuring that privacy is protected and civil liberties are maintained by all of NSA's missions, programs, policies and technologies. This new position is focused on the future, designed to directly enhance decision making and to ensure that CL/P protections continue to be baked into NSA's future operations, technologies, tradecraft, and policies.  The NSA CLPO will consult regularly with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence CLPO, privacy and civil liberties officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, as well as other U.S. government, private sector, public advocacy groups and foreign partners."  

#privacy   #surveillance   #humanrights   #civilliberties   #jobs  

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Comments, please!

UK Government Cabinet Office is asking for feedback on three proposals for open standards to be adopted for government IT:

1. Metadata — Dublin Core.  
2. Character encoding — UTF-8/ASCII/Unicode.
3. Persistent resolvable identifiers — URIs. 

Comments close 5 Sept.

#openstandards   #opendata   #semweb   #linkeddata   #govIT  

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Curious what’s happening on government Open Standards? Want to help?

Join us: Show-&-tell event, 5 Sept, in London.

More from me on the Government Digital Service blog:

#openstandards   #govIT   #governmentIT  

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Hey data geeks... Which vocabulary do you use for marking up jobs?

#linkeddata   #HTMLdata   #schemaorg   #semanticweb  

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We've published! Registered Organization Vocabulary (RegORG) & Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS).

From the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group

#opendata   #linkeddata   #semweb   #semanticweb  

Resources for what's going on in Boston:

    • Locating missing people or contributing info about missing people in Boston:

    • Locating marathon runners (to see where they last checked in):

    • If you're in Boston and want to help by giving blood:

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