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Loren Peterson

Hacking is very important and integral to the cyverpunk genre and unfortunately no one in my game really wanted to play a hacker. Buying the services of one ever mission is a little trite and annoying tbh so does anyone have advice om how to handle a hackerless group?

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Hey everyone! I have been loving the content on here and decided it was time to share some of my own. Me and a few podcast friends get together and do an actual play podcast of our masks game and one of our players is an artist who decided to draw the team.
From left to right we have
Kid Kati, the delinquent: a psychic punk girl with a flair for manipulating emotions

Nazgrim Bloodscale, the outsider: An alien scout from a warlike species sent to evaluate the worthiness of earth and its heroes.

Eli Whack: The reporter out to bring them all down (also the GM).

The Golden Glove, the legacy: The most recent in a long line of boxing themes heroes who uphold justice and all things good, despite their troubled past.

Meteorite, the janus: A young man with the ability to manipulate gravity and a penchant for getting in way over his head as he tries to balance his dual life.

If anyone is interested you can find the podcast here, we would appreciate the feedback.
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