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Pedro V

I just made a build last night for Shamu and since magisk has been added to rom I can't hide root and pass safety net check. Before I would flash magisk and it would hide root and pass safety net check

On build 3-9-17 Shamu anyone having trouble passing safety net check ?

Had the source been setup for Nexus 6 to build Android 7.1.1?

Anyone that builds ROM use ccache for a faster build process?

Anyone help me I'm trying to build for Shamu but can't get ccache to work

Can some one help me out I'm trying to build for Shamu build I can't setup ccache I follow the instructions how to build and I'm stuck on ccache setup

Is there a maintainer for Shamu?

Will quick pin unlock be added?

Is PAC for Shamu dead?

Is anyone building for Shamu?
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