re: Adobe's announcement today, does anyone have further insight into how exactly this part is going to work:

"Starting with Flash Player 11.2, developers will see a notification watermark in the debug version of Flash Player if their content uses both of these APIs, informing them that they will need to obtain a license. Until the premium features licensing terms go into effect August 1 2012, no associated restrictions are enforced in release versions of Flash Player.

When the premium features licensing terms go into effect, unlicensed content will continue to run but will no longer have access to the premium features tier: unlicensed content will automatically use software rendering rather than hardware accelerated Stage3D in release versions of Flash Player. Developers/publishers will be able to obtain a license to enable premium features (hardware accelerated Stage3D rendering with domain memory) in release versions of Flash Player."

Now in order for Flash Player to switch from GPU to software rendering it has to know you're running unlicensed code. My question is - how is it going to do this? Are we going to have to compile the SWF using a special custom compiler? In which case it's surely going to write something into the SWF to say "hey, I'm licensed" so that Flash Player lets it carry on.

Or will you have to embed some kind of license key / code into your SWF? So Flash Player then, I assume, either uses it as some kind of checksum or does a call-back-home to validate you still have a paid-for valid license.

Given how piss-easy it is to crack open SWF files and examine every last byte of them, how on earth is either method going to be secure?! Or can you think of another way they could do this?

I'm not trolling, so please save your flames for +Jesse Freeman ;) just curious how on earth this can be enforced on a technical level.
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