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Andreas Holmqvist
Nyfiken - Noli turbare circulos meos!
Nyfiken - Noli turbare circulos meos!
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Chucken har gjort mycket för mig. En stjärna som aldrig falnat. Han lyser starkare idag för mig än många andra.

Sedan G+ tog bort hangouts från gränssnittet så är inte den första sidan jag öppnar. Snarare den sista, om ens det. Så flödet, det följer jag inte alls numera.

Tråkigt men sant.

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Att ta digitala kort på analoga kort är det nya svarta. Anyways... Nyårsgänget 2016-2017 på bild. Vi hörs igen när nästa år börjat.

Gott nytt på er, nu stänger jag butiken för i år. Vi ses 2017!

Nej, men om man skulle ta och....

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OP: tipstackspackel

tl;dr: It started with a bottle of Prosecco, it ended with a bottle of Prosecco. In between we made 14 layers with a total of 28 million MU, with 13 standing for 3 CP

One hot summer evening, there was this agent, we can call him @spackel, sitting in the afternoon sun with his wife, sharing a bottle of Prosecco. During the precious time they both spent in the sun he managed to farm the hell out of a portal, which just happened to be in scanner range.

Some months later, the same agent just blurred out: “Got a bunch of keys from Jurmo, those keys can we only dream of using”
He added a link to the portal...

Challenge accepted!

Some key transfers later we had all things set up.@Vestegnen, @ailongam, @HuXdk and @ullogullo teamed up, with me as intel, and we started recruiting.

Prep started some days before and kept on going during the op even, just to make sure we could keep our corridors fairly manageable.

Final go/no go, was Friday 17.00. All was well at that time, so our linking-team got on the train for the travel to Sydkoster. Everything was set up with our friends in Denmark, as well in our parts in Sweden. A few minor difficulties, but nothing we couldn't handle.
Then about 18.00 a new block showed it's ugly face... A green one. From Latvia to the outskirts of Nyköping.

In Resistance, we're well connected. Even though, it took us almost 2 hours to get confirmation from Latvia that agents there could take the portal down. Guess it was friday there as well ;-)
A big huge thank you to our latvian friends @rovino, @MrMusha and@ShadeOfDeath for taking the time to assist us with that so we could keep focus on our targets in our areas.

As always, time is a factor, even this time. We were aiming for CP03, Saturday 17th. Around 00.00 we noticed that we didn't have much to fight against at all.
No frogs out, except for two places.
The frogs in Växjö are really active. Our agents in Växjö had their hands full battling frogs, so we took a joint decision, shoot the link from Denmark to Finland as soon as we had a free corridor.

Said and done, Denmark got the link up. 690 KM ish

The other place was in denmark where a very known frog here was trying to get their own field up, which we with a beautiful executed decoy plan made sure he was focused on so he had no clue that we were gonna make these fields, but our agents did a wonderful job keeping him busy so that the northern link line was clear through Denmark.

The pressure rose instantly for all other areas, as they had to clear for our northern link. We knew that we could just tell our agents on Sydkoster to crawl between their portals, because we had that much time to CP and no blocks that could stop us when the first field was up, but our cleaning teams had to move in haste for all the remaining blocks to go down.

All field agents gave it one last push and we could set up our first field; 2 014 509 MU collected. And we had 10 more of those fields to set up.
Happy Happy Joy Joy :-D
Time wasn’t a factor any more.

The rest of the field were a walk in the park, easy peasy.
When our MU heroes @Havrefraskalas and @iAvisari were done with fielding, they'd got 22 million MU in total with 11 fields.

Then we passed the torch to Denmark

In Denmark we had a blast doing this operation, with 15 well armed smurfs participating.
We had a lot of clearing when friday came, but as the day continued on, the frogs started helping us by falling for our perfectly executed decoy fields and links. Which helped us out a lot, and as we came closer to linking time and the portals that needed to get taken down became fewer and fewer. We parked two agents for a coordinated takedown of the two finalblock links for the line to Finland and when time came it all worked perfectly and we got the link up.
Straight after we flipped a portal, which had decoy incoming links to it, to make the northern link. The links came in from sweden - so now we just had to wait for the last link from Sweden to Finland, to make the field complete, which happened not that long after.
A big celebrating hurray was yelled out in our comm room, and then we went on to close 3 extra fields from Denmark.

To tie the knots, our fielders on Sydkoster finished their day sharing a bottle of Prosecco in the moonlight.

The fields stood intact (except for 1 outer layer, shot down just before CP08) for 3 checkpoints.
Around 14:30 Saturday, the fields where killed on Sydkoster (Presumable by frogs hunting for rare Pokemons?). RIP fields, You will be missed.

Field total: 28 622 338 MU

Plan & Lead intel @Hmm3
Lead intel DK @Vestegnen
Intel @ailongam, @ullogullo, @HuXdk, @roennerne, @cvinter

Cleaners northern link
@islaa, @smygaren, @Teppa, @forsse, @lforse, @PimpedCock, @sugarmamat, @tezlababe, @dementedtyrant, @ullogullo, @neddie, @nephre, @gullefjunster, @mrsvensson, @NorthLion, @LadyBlueSpider, @featherz, @ViiraBlaatira

Cleaners west and southern links
@tufftyp1, @ifkceltic, @snusen106, @Yumiko333, @snitchy, @zanetka1, @lyckebygget, @robwen, @MoonYeol, @Dirigo, @letharion, @iAvisari, @Hmm3 @CMDRMLind

Cleaners Denmark
@Daffy77, @thomaskdk, @Thibadeaux, @HuXdk, @Spiegelhauer, @MonoTovarisj, @klemse, @MrIsabella, @Sneakpeak2, @JanFerre, @allindk, @andrewrump, @MrGraphics

Cleaners Latvia
@rovino, @MrMusha, @ShadeOfDeath

Links Sweden
@iAvisari, @Havrefraskalas

Links Denmark
@Dlund, @Daffy77, @Spiegelhauer, HuXdk

Key transfers

2 new onyx badges @iAvisari, @Havrefraskalas
1 new platinum badge @Spiegelhauer

On a personal note, these fields… I’ve had so many suggestions, so many plans, so many thoughts for getting up a slick, nice and easy performed field covering both Gothenburg and Stockholm. Thank you everybody for assisting in getting these fields up.

Special thanks to:
Our latvian friends mentioned above of course, Our Swedish and Norwegian agents, that helped us making beautiful guide links, my friend and brother in arms @iAvisari for talking his GF into taking a trip to Sydkoster with him (thanks @Havrefraskalas for letting him think it was all his idea) as well as @Kerbocat for helping gathering keys and a huge thanks to @robwen for coming back to play with us. You’ve been missed.

+Vicki Ellen 
+Julia Vivienne Loverdose
+John Hanke 
+Matilde Tusberti 
+Anne Beuttenmüller 
+Andrew Krug 
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Riktigt snyggt gjort i Düsseldorf. Vaket att anpassa staden (lite) till ett nutida fenomen.

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