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Small changes make significant impacts!
Small changes make significant impacts!

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The Autoimmune Hour welcomed Toni Bernhard, is the author of three critically-acclaimed books, How to Be Sick, How to Wake Up, and the just-released How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness, just some of what she shared:

• How thinking small leads to a bigger, fuller life
• How to move out of your stories into possibilities and opportunities
• How to practice mindfulness without the meditation
• How to welcome the “blues” and painful emotions and what to do next….

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Is It Menopause or Autoimmune? this Friday 7PM ET on The Autoimmune Hour

Maybe you’ve heard that dreaded “Well, women your age… fill in the symptom…” or “Don’t worry about it - it’s just menopause….”

And yet, you know it’s probably not, you know in your gut that something isn’t quite right! Then listen in this week’s guest on The Autoimmune Hour when we hear from Pat Duckworth.

Pat is the Award-winning Author of ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions; How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques.’ She is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and she specializes in helping women who are experiencing menopause symptoms.

She joins Sharon Sayler on The Autoimmune Hour to discuss how do we know “what-is-what,” and share great, easy to use techniques to relieve common symptoms such as sleeplessness, anxiety and mood swings. Plus so much more.

Listen to this intriguing interview this Friday night September 30th at 7PM ET at

#LifeInterrupted #Autoimmune

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In my experience there are very few truly ‘difficult people’ and yet those that I am having a difficult time with based on what I’m considering to be difficult behaviors is all that it takes to get the blood pressure up a notch or two or twenty.

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Next week, Sept 26th, join me and 10 renowned guest speakers and NLP experts Linda Cattelan, Corey McCusker, James Graham, Peggy Kelly-Davies, Michelle Butt, Marishka Glynne, Sharon Sayler, Lindsay de Swart, Jo-Anne Eadie, Sue Bowe and Jennifer Hazlett as we reveal our best NLP tips and tactics – and it`s FREE: 

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After an Autoimmune Diagnosis: How To Make It Through and What To Do Next

How am I going to survive? What do I do next? All sort of questions go through your mind the moment a diagnosis of autoimmune enters your world. Many people don’t realize that the minute you are diagnosed with a chronic disease there is a grief process that happens. Our guest for this episode of The Autoimmune Hour Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC will share with us “How to feel what you need to feel even when you don’t want to feel” plus so much more. Janelle is a Registered Professional Counselor specializing in grief and loss arising from life-altering events, author and public speaker.

Janelle will also share with us her five veils of loss and…

• What to do when you receive shocking news.
• Why not to let anybody tell you grief is predictable.
• There are no steps to grief and why the grief process is really a discovery process.
• How to distinguish the primary and the secondary losses.
• And even, how to find hope when it seems nonexistent.

Listen to the intriguing episode to discover the natural rhythm of grief and so much more when it comes to dealing with loss after the diagnosis. The show premieres this Friday September 16th at 7PM ET.

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Whose permission are you waiting for?

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Paleo Diet For Healing Autoimmune Conditions - Does It Work?

Your internal wisdom knows what your body needs and what you put into your mouth is a major key to healing, according to this week’s guest on The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio. 

In this episode, Sharon Sayler welcomes Eileen Laird. She is a writer, podcast host, and autoimmune warrior, who is reversing her rheumatoid arthritis through the Paleo diet and lifestyle. She will share insights from her research and her latest book “A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol” on how to implement Paleo as a nutrition-support to your healing. 

Eileen will share with you:

• How she used food to reclaim her health and her joy
• Simple ways to discover how to know what foods may be causing you “problems.”
• How to incorporate an anti-inflammatory nutrient-dense diet into your life
• And the new science of how diet and lifestyle determine which DNA  gets turned on or off

Plus so much more….

Learn more about Eileen at, then join your host, Sharon Sayler, for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio live now on 

Find out how food can help you heal.

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How fun! 
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