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September 2014

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Watch Google I/O Sessions
#gdl   #developers   #io13  

We’re done. All Google I/O sessions and Google Developers Live at I/O programming are now posted. 

Watch Google I/O technical sessions:
Watch GDL at I/O:

From sessions to exclusive interviews to picture-taking blimps, we haven’t missed a beat to ensure that you get the full I/O experience. And, +GDL is here year-round, bringing you live, interactive developer programming from your favorite products with Google experts.

Subscribe to the GoogleDevelopers YT channel [] for episode updates and we’ll see you in the studio!

#askAstro  How do you sleep? Do you tie yourself to a sort of bed or you're just floating around while you are sleeping. Thank you from Colombia. You are amazing!

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Ich habe letzte Nacht auf Deutsch geträumt. Ist das ein Zeichen?

How to know how many code lines have you written for your project: find . -name '*.java' | xargs wc -l

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This guy definitely knows "The best place to learn a foreign language is on bed"
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