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And now for something decidedly different...

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Geekiest Google doodle yet today at Turing machine.

"me:  Scheduled to go away from keyboard now to stab my coworkers."

It's so nice to have a rapier practice at work.

Bad Windows XP update, or bad malware?
When we woke up this morning the main household computer was hung in the middle of a reboot, as is frankly common on Microsoft Patch Day. Once we power cycled it, it came up - with all our programs intact, but My Documents for every account was wiped. Shared Documents is still there, all the software or files we'd installed to other directories was still there, but every document, photo, piece of music, etc. in our individual folders was gone. Anybody heard of anything like that? I'm apparently not hitting the right search terms... Nothing dubious is hanging around the list of processes, various scanning programs haven't found anything (yet), but I really don't trust the machine enough right now to start restoring from backups...

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Thanks to +Joe Shaffer , I can fill my at least some of the gaping void of medieval military music in my life.

Two-year-old runs up, grabs my legs, and says "Daddy! Chocolate chip pizza!"
How could we not go out to the pizza buffet for dinner after that?

Apparently he drove past at 10am and remembered all day.

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Congrats to Nomura-san and the 8-bit team!

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I have barely been able to contain myself waiting for Maps for NES... But there's so much else I didn't know about even on the "inside".

Android ftw - on the way to airport, shuttle driver's navigation system can't find the next pickup, but Google Maps gets us there.

G+ bleg: Help round out my Christmas list! I still consider Lakos' Large-Scale C++ Software Design my favorite practical software engineering book - and it dates back to 1997. What's good that's been published since then?
Yes, I've read the Gang of Four, Refactoring, Effective C++, some of what's come out of Microsoft Press (although not much, given my biases)...
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