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Smart marketing for solar achievers
Smart marketing for solar achievers

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10 Signs Multichannel Marketing May Not Be Right For You
The decision to go into a contract with an outside marketing service provider ought to be a pleasant and profitable experience. The successful multichannel marketing agency certainly wants a positive outcome for their customers, and you simply want results that will add value to your business.

But in order to get the kind of experience and satisfying results you’re aiming for, it will help you to understand the reality of marketing as a service. While some companies sell you leads for a fixed price, multichannel marketing companies are like an extension of your business.

So to help you avoid making an investment you’re not prepared to make, here are 10 signs multichannel may not be right for you.

By taking the time to read this article you will be able to determine whether to avoid an initial investment that you aren’t committed to. On the other hand, if you decide to take the plunge, you will have a roadmap to help you get the most out of your strategic partnership with a marketing agency partner.

So let’s get into it…

1. You just don’t have it in ‘ya kid
Some call it the X-factor, some call it the sizzle. It’s the stuff unicorn startups and companies like SunRun are made of. Every company is built on hard work and hard-won battles, but some companies seem to exude a kind of rocket fuel with everything they do, propelling them forward at high velocity. The rocket fuel is a perfect storm of favorable conditions that make them popular, organizationally strong and driven toward a single epic vision…

And then there’s the other 99% of companies, many of which are great companies in their own right and some of which are just average, and there’s nothing wrong with average.

If you don’t happen to be a unicorn, you probably lack the stardust to pull marketing miracles out of thin air. For you, there’s another option, a different recipe if you will. It’s made of grit, determination, resolve… the classics.

For you to succeed with marketing, and you can succeed, you’ll need to make your own X factor.

2. You don’t have money to invest in your business
I continue to be amazed at companies pulling in millions of dollars a year who still try to play it cheap when it comes to something as essential as driving quality leads and the way they project their brand. I get it though. You know what they say if you don’t ask you don’t get.

However, this one is non-negotiable. Multichannel marketing, a.k.a. omnichannel marketing or multi-platform marketing does not get done all by itself. I won’t bore you with the fine details, but designing ad strategies, running, managing and optimizing ads over months and years, not to mention landing pages and other strategies, is a lot of work.

That’s work that you don’t have to think about because a marketing service provider is taking care of it all for you...
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Setting Initial Conditions For Your Online Business Success
The topic I want to cover in this blog post is for all your brick and mortar businesses out there, and especially for solar installation companies.

After speaking with dozens of solar installers about this, it’s pretty clear that online search is a critical piece of the residential solar buying process. In fact, many installers reckon that up to 100% of residential PV paying customers do research online.

So whether you take action or not, your long-term success depends on setting initial conditions for success online...
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This very brief survey is for solar companies, and solar installers out there. I help you increase your business. You help me with this simple survey... Thanks!
How Do Your Customers Find You?
How Do Your Customers Find You?
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Marketing agencies and boutique marketing outfits are in the business of delivering measurable improvements for their clients in the pursuit of positive ROI.

In this post, I want to talk about how a lot of digital marketing people are being taught by their industry to sell simple marketing solutions to their clients.

This usually comes in the form of a specific product with a very narrow, but enticing, powerful focus.

I want to take a little time here to explore what the motivations behind selling these types of packages might be, and if or how these products might benefit you...
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In 2016, nearly a million homes and business in the United States have gone solar.

It’s pretty clear this represents both a great accomplishment and a proverbial drop in the bucket. Needless to say, there is a lot of marketing potential in the solar PV industry.

But many who prefer to ere on the side of caution continue to slow down the adoption rate of solar.

That’s where solar marketing can turn the tide.

When the right marketing message reaches these folks, hearts and minds can be swayed.

It happens every day, especially at a time when more people are looking for sources of power that are more energy efficient.

Here’s what you need to know about solar marketing as you prepare your strategies and determine how to target interested consumers...
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Like any other business, solar installers also need to get word on their products and services out to potential clients, and also their existing clients.

One of the most effective ways to market your solar installation business is through email marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

Everywhere you turn today, there is an advertisement of one product or the other, so much that most people hardly take their time to carefully analyze the service or product on offer.

Email marketing, however, allows a potential client the right to choose to read and analyze your solar installation service.

Your audience also gets to send in any inquiries or concerns they might have before contracting your company or buying your products.

They can also choose to opt out of your mailing list at any time.

Email marketing allows you to develop a strong relationship with your customers, also known as lead nurturing, from the very onset of your email campaign, through to the point of purchase or contract signing.

These relationships go a long way in ensuring trust with your clients, which then leads to return business and also new recommendations over time...
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Measuring Up Competing Ad Platforms

Like an epic Mayweather vs. McGregor battle royale, the first thing that everyone wants to know are the hard statistics. How much do the competitors weigh? What’s their reach? What are the odds?

Solar companies seeking the best fit for their company’s advertising strategy would want to measure up the options when deciding how and where to invest advertising dollars. So let’s look at Facebook and Google PPC like two great athletes and see what they can do...
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What Does Storytelling Have to Do With Solar Panel Installation?

Whether you are trying to sell books, batteries or solar roof panels, the age-old sales and marketing mantra holds true: people don’t like to be sold to. Your solar company may offer the sleekest, state-of-the-art products, but unless you can get prospects emotionally invested and convinced they can’t live without the benefits your products have to offer, no amount of persuasion or aggressive sales tactics will likely change their mind. That’s where stories come in. By building a compelling personalized story around your brand, your company can appeal to your target audience on an emotional level, where they are much more likely to listen.

The Importance of Connecting on an Emotional Level

If presenting a list of facts, numbers and points of data were enough, products and services would virtually sell themselves. But, even if we hear something that is true, a “fact” is easier to dismiss than an emotion. Stories help us to connect on an emotional level that transcends what the mind knows to be true.

Generally speaking, the most important element of any branding and marketing strategy is your unique selling point, the one thing that separates your product or service from all of your competitors. But simply telling everyone that solar panels are great...
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