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Franklinton High School - Franklinton, North Carolina

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New office location and new logo.

What do you think?
Should we replace old structures with new Green Structures?

Check out what Susan DeFreitas from has to say about this.

#greenbuilding   #sustainabledevelopment   #architecture   #engineering   #leed   #departmentofenergy  
KSP designed the New Surgery / Dermatology building at Universitätsklinikum Ulm in Munich, Germany. #architecture
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Communications Systems Large and Small

Yesterday +Timothy Jones and +Charles Hogge attended the Bogen "ACE" Training where they learned about public addressing, paging, mass notification, wireless clocks, etc. The course reviewed not only the products by Bogen Communications but also the techniques and best practices for designing these systems.

Feel free to test us on our knowledge of the systems below in the comments!
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Largest Solar Power Neighborhood in the South-East

The River Garden Apartments, a mixed-income development covering eight blocks and around a square mile, is currently the largest solar neighborhood in the southeastern US, and the largest solar project in the state of Louisiana.

Article From: +EarthTechling 

#engineering   #engineersrock   #architecture   #solarpower   #solarenergy   #neworleans   #louisiana  
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Cardinal fountains for Big Game Week - Go #Stanford!
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Social Media Effects City Planning
New Yorkers can vote for store locations via an interactive map launched by Mission Electric, a non-profit and city government social engagement campaign focused on enhancing electric vehicle transportation. Participants in the campaign will be entered in a contest to win Duane Reade green gift baskets and gift cards.
New York City’s largest drugstore chain, Duane Reade, is letting customers help decide which stores in the city should be served solely by electric vehicles.
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◄ TKTS Booth in Times Square Completely Built Out of Glass ►

The new TKTS ticket booth in Times Square is a very unique structure by not only providing one of the only places to take a break in the busy Times Square but by also being the largest load-bearing glass structure in the world.

The two inch thick windows can hold a 500 people walking around on top of it with ease.  The way the engineers at Dewhurst Macfarlane made this possible is by reinforcing the glass with a plastic film called SentryGlas Plus.  The film is 100 times the strength of typical laminates and binds sheets together into structural pieces making them five times stronger then a wooden frame.

Light emitting diodes under the treads illuminate the staircase while aluminum pans between the crossbeams reflect the L.E.D. light and act as a water shield for the building.  To prevent ice from forming there are a set of pipes that connect to the heating unit.

Under the stepped structure are 12 ticket booths to sell half-price, same-day Broadway show tickets, a 700 sq. ft. office space, and a geothermal mechanical unit with a 450 ft. deep piping system that provides a consistent 55° F (12.8° C) year round.

Still interested in finding out more?  Check out these resources that were used to create this post.
_Popular Science:_ _Design:Related:_
New York Times:

#engineering   #architecture   #nyc   #structural   #building   #TKTS     #technology   #construction   #design   #innovation  
Folkes Stevens Tennis Center

The Folkes Stevens Tennis Center, located on the campus of Old Dominion University was named the 2010 USTA/Virginia Tennis Facility of the Year on Oct. 23. The $7 million, 74,000 square foot facility was built in 2007 and has eight climate-controlled indoor courts as well as twelve outdoor courts. The USTA South Atlantic Regional was hosted last month at the facility.

This state-of-the-art facility was designed by Rancorn Wildman Architecture and +Hickman Ambrose Inc. Consulting Engineers and constructed by Pepperdine Corporation. In addition to the tennis center and two elevated mezzanines, is a conference room, offices for the ODU tennis staff, locker rooms and private lounge areas for the Monarchs men's and women's teams plus a separate locker room area for member use. There is wireless computer connectivity and flat screen televisions throughout the facility displaying campus based programs, tennis center events and the Tennis Channel. The facility also has the large matrix Beskin-Carpenter Scoreboard displaying text, pictures, and videos along with Court #1 having a radar gun display for serves.

All courts at Folkes-Stevens have the same hard surface as the #USOpen with the classic blue and green color patterns to match. The front and middle mezzanines serve as a 6,000 square foot spectator viewing space where visitors can enjoy comfortable seating, flat screen TVs, and vending machines.

Some unique features of this building are the use of a clear span technique, which allows for completely unobstructed playing and viewing areas while holding cost within budgetary constraints, and dehumidifying system and a heating and cooling system designed to make 78 degrees feel like the perfect playing temperature in the summer and 68 the optimum setting in the winter. Plus, indirect lighting also replicates and fulfills the requirements for National Tournament level lighting.

Designed and constructed with great attention to detail, this Design/Build project received multiple awards, and has become the gold standard for all future Indoor Tennis Centers, drawing interest from coast to coast. Much gratitude is owed to the $1 million contribution from Grey Folkes and Ricky Stevens. The Folkes-Stevens Indoor Tennis Center is also available for use by the collegiate teams, the ODU student body, faculty and staff, and the entirety of Hampton Roads!
Project photo's available at the link below.

#Architecture #Engineering #usopentennis #Tennis #constructionindustry #Construction #haprojects
Use Arrow Keys for Text Editing in Autodesk Products
Do you use arrow keys to quickly and accurately edit text?

Here are some of the commands that I use on a daily basis to assist me with editing text. At the bottom are some application and file control commands that I also use constantly.

Please add any others that you think of.

This is based on a windows platform so some of these will not work for everyone.

Text Selection
SHIFT + → = Selects the next character to the right.
SHIFT + ← = Selects the next character to the left.
CTRL + → = Moves cursor to the end of the next word.
CTRL + SHIFT+→ = Selects the next word to the right of the cursor.
CTRL + ← = Moves cursor to the beginning of the next word.
CTRL + SHIFT+← = Selects the next word to the left of the cursor.
CTRL + SHIFT+→ = Selects the next word to the left of the cursor.
CTRL + ↑ = Moves cursor up one line or to beginning of current line.
CTRL + SHIFT + ↑ = Selects one entire line heading up the sheet.
CTRL + ↓ = Moves cursor down one line or to beginning of current line.
CTRL + SHIFT + ↓ = Selects one entire line heading down the sheet.
CTRL + BACKSPACE = Removes one word from the left of the cursor.
CTRL + DELETE = Removes one word from the right of the cursor.

Application and File Control
ALT + TAB = Switch between applications forwards.
CTRL + TAB = Switch tabs or files forwards within a specific application.
ALT + SHIFT + TAB = Switch between applications backwards.
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB = Switch tabs or files backwards within a specific application.
The Windows key on the keyboard can also be used for this but is a graphically intense version of it.
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Rainwater Harvesting Systems
L.E.E.D. Water Efficiency Credit

Most cities are taking the +USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) into consideration when planning for new construction. One of the more intricate systems that we have experience with are rainwater harvesting systems.

These systems begin by collecting rainwater from the roof, passing it through an integrated filter to remove large debris, then head into the underground storage cistern. From this point the water is stored and pumped into the building as required or can be pumped into a day tank stored within the building. The graphic below shows the day tank being positioned in the attic space of the building and then delivering waste water for bathrooms and water for irrigation.

Have you ever been in a building with a rainwater harvesting system?

Post created by: +Charles Hogge

#architecture #engineering #haprojects

Be sure to connect with us on our other networks and check out our newly updated website with interactive project location maps.
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Contact Information
Map of the business location
814 Greenbrier Cir Chesapeake, VA 23320
814 Greenbrier CircleUSVirginiaChesapeake23320
Mechanical EngineerToday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pmTuesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pmWednesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pmThursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pmFriday 8:00 am – 12:00 pmSaturday ClosedSunday Closed

Visit #HickmanAmbroseProject for all of our project posts.

We also have a Google Map which lists some of our projects.

Hickman●Ambrose Inc. is a Virginia based company that offers specialized assistance in the design or re-design of your project.  This design assistance includes but is not limited to the Plumbing, HVAC, Power Distribution, Exterior and Interior Lighting, Fire Protection, and Communications Systems for government, commercial, and industrial clients.  Please refer to our Project Portfolio for a more detailed description of our services and support.

Hickman●Ambrose Inc. has extensive experience with a wide variety of building types including Government/Municipal Facilities, Educational, Medical, Financial, Religious, Retail, and Residential. Our reputation is built on cost-effective designs, problem solving and troubleshooting techniques, and our ability to clearly coordinate with the client.  Through our dedication to progressive technology and our unique innovative design, we are able to take the most complicated design and provide cost effective solutions within budget and time constraints.

With the usage of the most advanced versions of Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk products we are able to provide the most accurate and clear solutions in the most efficient manner.  Our highly trained staff is equipped with additional state-of-the-art programs to assist in HVAC load calculations, lighting and power calculations, equipment sizing, cost estimating, and specification writing.  We feel that all of these technological advances allows us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive set of documents possible.

We here at Hickman●Ambrose Inc. use a simple philosophy for each project that we begin.  We listen and understand our client’s expectations and work with them to create a highly cost effective and accurate set of construction documents.  This philosophy has been the foundation of our continuing success and has allowed us to develop an extensive list of client’s continuation to utilize our services.

Team Members:
President: Ted Ambrose
Vice President: Scott Hickman
Principal/Senior Plumbing Designer: John Pelletier
Associate/Senior Elec. Designer: Tim Jones
Electrical Designer: Sherwood Seagraves
Electrical: Chris Hickman
Mechanical: Jennifer Wright (Reinhart)
Plumbing: Genaine Bailey
Admin/Marketing: Mindee McCollom (Weiss)
Admin/CAD: Leigh Petty
Administrative: Sara Ambrose

We are utilizing Google Plus to share updates about AutoCAD, Revit, CAD tutorials.  We will also be posting pictures of projects we have currently designed and some new technologies we are following from the industry. We hope you will feel free to communicate with us, +1 our posts and share these posts as you would like.  All we ask is that you would include a link to the original post so comments can also be left here.  If you feel like our services can meet your needs please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Active Team Members on G+:
+Chris Hickman
+Jennifer Wright (Reinhart)

Below is a list of LEED buildings we have been involved in designing:
o Reserve Training Center and Maintenance Facility
   Camp LeJeune, North Carolina
o Child Development Center, Oceana
   Virginia Beach, Virginia
o Police Precinct #6
   Chesapeake, Virginia
o P-705 Helicopter Training Facility, NAS Norfolk
   Norfolk, Virginia
o Greenbrier Office Building
   Chesapeake, Virginia
o Cheatham Annex
   Comfort Station & Maintenance Bldg. 
   Naval Weapons Station
   Williamsburg, Virginia
o P-707 Helicopter Training Facility, NAS Norfolk
   Norfolk, Virginia
o Wounded Warrior, Hope and Care Facility
   Camp LeJeune, North Carolina
o Wounded Warrior, Battalion Headquarters
   Camp LeJeune, North Carolina
o Great Neck Middle School    Virginia Beach, Virginia
o Animal Services Facility Chesapeake, Virginia
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