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What it's like working in tech with ADHD
Whoa, it's been almost 3 years since I last update this blog? Geez, what's happened in the interim? Well... A lot. I'm currently coming up on two years as a software developer for Uber, and what a crazy couple of years it's been. I'm not sure why I haven't ...
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I didn't see this get cross posted yet, lmk if I missed it.

If you saw Elias at MRRF2018 and got to see the revolve board, follow the mailing list to show support. I really think using high level interface languages to do motion planning and using low level PRUs to do the actual stepping is the future.
If you are interested in Revolve, sign up on the landing page and you will get an email when it is available.

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Setting up a new printer cluster so I can more easily test BotQueue v2 features. I can stop any time I want, I swear!

I'm curious to start a discussion and get some opinions on this trend I've noticed in the community and companies.

The trend I've noticed is companies making their own version of software by forking existing software as opposed to trying to get their changes upstream. These pieces of software are then hyper focused towards the machines these companies support.

Disclaimer: I actually actively worked on one of these. My goal is not to disparage these companies or their decisions, merely to try to understand why these changes were done, if that wss good for the community, and if there's possibly a better solution.

The 3 I know of off hand are:
+ Slic3r by +Josef Prusa
+ Cura by +LulzBot​ (this is the one I helped with)
+ Cura by +BCN3D Technologies

Is anyone here going to OSHWA? I'm considering going as a sponsor with BotQueue, that is, if I can print enough trinkets for the goody bags. :)

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Normally I would not share a specific group's post into this community, however I think it's worth noting and is of interest when a company like +BCN3D Technologies​ decides to open source their printer designs and software.

Other mods, please let me know if this is out of line. I'm not intending to show favoritism just hopefully good open sourcing. :)

Just throwing this out there, but if an alternative firmware came out (Ie, not Marlin) what would be the features you would expect to have and be able to use on those 8 bit avr boards? E.g. Delta kinematics is a pain on those, so don't support delta for example. Keep in mind that Marlin is an unorganized mess because of several reasons one of which is a ton if added features on a board you can't do much on in the first place.

Or, alternatively, do you feel it's better as a whole to move to larger boards with 32 bit arm chips?


Hey, do you know if OctoPrint will work on the RPI3 yet? :D

Given the large number of recent questions and posts that have come to light in the past few days regarding licenses and what is and isn't valid, I think it would be useful to create a new section for them on this forum. That way, we have a more organized way to talk about licensing issues.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

I've got a friend who is looking for a non-functional makerbot for a prop. I'm not overly sure how he's using this or if this is a buy/borrow situation. I'm still trying to get those details hammered out.

If anyone has a makerbot that doesn't work (shouldn't be that difficult to find really) let me know and I'll try to find more details from him.

Thank you!
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