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So it is Banned Books Week. Every year hundreds of complaints are filed against books for a variety of reasons. Concerns about racism, political views, nudity, or homosexuality etc. are used to challenge a books status on the shelf at the library. Once a co...

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BOOK TOUR: Until Summer Ends by Elana Johnson
*I was given an advanced copy of this book to review* Title: Until Summer Ends Author: Elana Johnson Publication Date: August 9, 2016 Print Length: 312 pages Publisher: Cleis Press Summary: Sophie Newton is determined to prove herself to her father, who i...

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BOOK TOUR: By The Stars by Lindsay B. Ferguson
*I was given an advanced copy of this book to review* Title: By The Stars Author: Lindsay B. Ferguson Publication Date: March 8, 2016 Print Length: 320 pages Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc Summary:  When Cal finally gets a chance with Kate, the girl he's love...

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BOOK REVIEW: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
Title: The Darkest Minds Author: Alexandra Bracken Publication Date: October 22, 2013 Print Length: 488 pages Publisher: Disney-Hyperion Summary:  When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something frightening enough to make...

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Are you a speed reader?
Image from I just realized that my book, The Darkest Mind, is due back to the library by tomorrow and I can't renew because there is a waiting list. I am current on page 90 of 488 pages. So I need to read about 400 pages in two d...

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Abandoned Books
This picture makes me feel so sad BTW. Did you know that there is a such thing as the most popular abandoned books list? Who knew. That's awful if you think about it. As an author I'm sure you want to be a part of a list. However, I doubt you would want to ...

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BOOK REVIEW: See Me by Nicholas Sparks
Title: See Me Author: Nicholas Sparks Publication Date: October 13, 2015 Print Length: 486 pages Publisher: Grand Central  Summary:  See me just as I see you . . . Colin Hancock is giving his second chance his best shot. With a history of violence and bad d...

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Where do you read?
(image from Apartment Therapy) Me: In Bed I mostly read in bed which is a very bad idea. I start reading then fall asleep then wake up pick my book/tablet up off the floor then start reading again just to fall asleep again. It is a vicious cycle. It greatly...

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BOOK REVIEW: All the Rage by Courtney Summers
Title: All the Rage Author: Courtney
Summers Publication Date:
April 14, 2015 Print Length: 336
pages Publisher: St.
Martin's Griffin Summary: The
sheriff's son, Kellan Turner, is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is, and
Romy Grey knows that for a fact...

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I can't believe it's been YEARS since I blogged. Wow. Anyways, I'M BACK! I decided that 2016 I will pick back up my previously abandoned book blog. I had the most fun when I was reading and blogging. Also, thinking about getting involved with book vlogging ...
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