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Suparni Shanmukha
Travel Diary of Hindu temple visits
Travel Diary of Hindu temple visits


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Parikkal Lakshmi Narasimha Temple
Parikkal Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu is the unique temple where both Narasimha and Lakshmi devi embrace each other. Usually in Lakshmi Narasimha temples, only Narasimhar is found to embrace Lakshmi devi.   Narasimha Swamy e...

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Kedarnath is known as the Dwaram or Entrance of Kailasam. "ke" refers to Kailasam and "dar" refers to Dwaram to Kailasam.  It is said that Adhi Shankara received 5 Spatika Chandramouliswara Lingam from Lord Shiva in Kailasam and brought it to Earth through ...

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Varahi Devi
Varahi Devi is a powerful Goddess in Sri Chakra Worship. She is the Senathipathi or the Goddess leading  army of the Empress Srilalitha Parameswari. There are many powerful places of worship of Varahi. She is worshipped in many temples all over India. Varah...

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Badrinath Tapobhoomi of Narayana on earth!!
Badrinath was the place the Ashtaakshari Maha Mantra of "Om Namo Narayana" was given as upadesam for the upliftment of the rest of the world!! It is one of the 8 S wayamvyakta kshetram or the place where Narayana himself gave darshan to devotees.  The Utsav...

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Tiruvalangadu Shiva Temple near Arakkonam, Tamilnadu
Earlier I had started a blog named, but I am not able to login now. So posting here some of the good photos and content related to the Temple in Tiru Alangadu. Adding some other photos also. There is a large Shiva Temple in Tir...

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Iraniamman Temple on GST Road, Vandalur, Chennai
Iraniamman Temple is located on GST Road, Perungalathur, Chennai. Iraniamman is located just after Sriram IT Park and Accenture on the Main road in Vandalur. The Google map location of the same is as follows,

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Agastheswarar Temple in Kulavaipatti near Pudukkotai for Childbirth Blessings
Agastheswarar Temple in Kulavaipatti is at a distance of 18 Km from Pudukkotai on the Pudukkotai Aranthangi Road. The Google Map location of the same is as follows,,+Tamil+Nadu/Kulavaippatti,+Tamil+Nadu+622201/@...

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Tiruvalangadu Temple near Kumbakonam for Childbirth Blessings
Tiruvalangadu Temple is located at a distance of 21 Km from Kumbakonam on the Kumbakonam Mayiladuthurai Road and can be reached by regular buses from Kumbakonam to this place. The Google Map location of the same is as follows,

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Ranganathar Temple, Sothmangalam near Kumbakonam
Ranganathar Temple in Nindra kolam or Standing form is located in Sothamangalam. After reaching Papanasam from Kumbakonam, one has to take left on the Papanasam-Saliamangalam Road and travel around 5 Km to reach Sothamangalam. The Google Map Location of the...

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Garbarakshambigai in Tirukarukavur for Childbirth Blessings
Garbarakshambigai or Karu-kakkumnayagi Temple in Tirukarukavur is located at a distance of 22 Km from Kumbakonam. One has to travel to Papanasam from Kumbakonam and travel 6 Km in Papanasam Saliamangalam road to reach Tirukarukavur. The Google Map Location ...
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