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Wife, Mother, Writer, Educator
Wife, Mother, Writer, Educator


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A Mom's Much Needed Break
I had grand plans to end 2016. Thoughtful pieces were on
deck to publish, plans to connect with more readers were being finalized;   I was ready to end the year with a big bang
and welcome 2017 with as much optimism and hope that I could.  Wrap up a blog, s...

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There Goes All Sense of Dignity (Guest Post)
Grace had the shingles, and not just the shingles, but the
shingles in her forehead and one eye. The doctors said the worse kind of pain.
The difficult part was that because of the Alzheimer’s, she could not remember
why she was in so much pain and she coul...

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Stages of Grace
I'm sharing with you something near and dear to my heart. I've known first had what it's like to witness the long goodbye associated with Alzheimer's and I believe Ms. Ruben's words within this book is helpful to anyone who have been through the same. Thank...

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How To Make Your Life a Priority
If I could go back in time. I would go back to the moment
when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer.   I would hold her and hug her and cry with her
just like I did in that tiny little seafoam-green hospital room.   I would look her in the eye and I would...

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A Mother's Strength and Bravery
If you ask any parent about their worst fears, their answers
will vary. Some fear that their not raising their children right, some fear that
their kids won’t fit in anywhere, others will say that they fear for their
children’s safety.  These same thoughts ...

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5 Children's Book That Teach Kindness (Part 2)
Glad to have Jenn back for her second installment of these kindness books. These 5 sets gear toward the upper level grades and feature one of my favorite YA Lit authors, Jerry Spinelli. Feel free to peruse through and enjoy :)    The Hundred Dresses by Elea...

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In case you missed the announcement, last week was the final SHINE Blog Hop. We want to take this opportunity to  thank you  for being a part of this beautiful community. SHINE has been a source of encouragement and inspiration for us and the bloggers that ...

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Shine Blog Hop 120
Yes friend... it's true. This is the last SHINE Blog hop. After some careful thought and consideration, we have decided to retire the SHINE Blog Hop. SHINE has created a beautiful, wonderful community, but it's time for us to embark upon other journeys We w...

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Kindness is Not Perfection
So thankful for Kendall's words about kindness this week. Her insights on being kind, not just to others, but to herself is such a great reminder for us parents! However, what struck me the most about our conversation is this notion of perfection. Oftentime...
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