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Jim W Hildreth
Real Estate Mediator, Real Estate Broker California
Real Estate Mediator, Real Estate Broker California

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Notary Fees Increase California
January 19 2017 Notary Public
Maximum Fees
Effective 1/1/17
Maximum fees that can be charged by a notary public for taking a
proof of deed will increase from $10 to $15.
Currently, the law sets maximum fees that may be charged by a notary
public for many se...

Pleased to announce the development of a Amazon Echo skill known as #MyMediator just #AskAlexa from your Amazon Echo, Tap, or Dot #MyMediator and it introduces Mediation for California Real Estate Disputes.

The Amazon skull is available in the entire USA, GB, Germany.

Presently there are 7,000 skills up from 3,000 in September.

#MyMediator is the first legal skill developed by #JimWHildreth a California based #Mediator

Please to announce the creation of #MyMediator on #AmazonEcho just #AskAlexa #MyMediator a focus on California Real Estate Disputes.

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New California Update Law Disclosures on Death
01/14/2017 Keeping you informed Disclosures Death of Occupant Rule Clarified Effective 9/25/16 The existing law concerning disclosure of death of an occupant is clarified to say that the death of an occupant, or the manner of death, occurring more than thre...

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Legal Education California
January 09 2017 As a California Real Estate Broker, a Mediator with the California Association of Realtors, it is important to complete continuing education as to the profession. This week the California Association of Realtors are offering  Legal Developme...

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Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures California
January 4 2017 Northern California is seeing some relief from the California Drought with a weather pattern of steady rains. A new California law is enclosed for those who own Real Estate. Dec. 8, 2016 (revised) Legal Article: California  law requires prope...

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Personal Assistants Google Home & Amazon Alexa
Personal Assistants are exploding in demand and is becoming more main stream as to our demand, for instant information in our households. Weather, music, shopping list, banking, ordering pizza. How about your latest stats on your daily steps on Fitbit. Amaz...

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Transfer on Death Deed

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New law January 1 2016 
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