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Daniel Tedesco
My Customer Service, Honesty, Integrity And Your Best Interests.
My Customer Service, Honesty, Integrity And Your Best Interests.

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Daniel L. Tedesco, Attorney, CFE & United Realty Group, Inc.

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Reasons Central & South American Investors Consider Commercial Real Estate In Florida.

The amount of dollars flowing in from overseas is astonishing. More and more affluent Central and South Americans are making South Florida their permanent home and place of business..

It may be of of the distrust in their home country’s political regime, economic uncertainty, tax advantages or simply the weather, South Florida is experiencing significant growth in investors from Central and South Americia.

Reasons to Invest,  Asian Investors
Honesty, Integrity and you best interest

Reasons Asia Investors Consider Commercial Real Estate In Florida.

Florida's Strategic Position as a gateway to Latin America is one of the factors attracting mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors to buy real estate in the southeastern US state.

"Investors from around the world, including China, consider Miami's relationship with Latin America as a significant catalyst for growth. This, combined with the fact that property prices are 40 per cent below their peak, is the main reason why investors are buying property in Florida,"

"Miami has been described as the Hong Kong of Latin America. South Florida has a huge advantage for Chinese businesses looking to locate their headquarters for Latin America,"

Reasons to Invest, European Investors
Trusting you investments with the right Realtor

Reasons European Investors Consider Commercial Real Estate In Florida.

There were more than 1100 European corporate headquarters serving both the United States and Latin America which are located in Florida.

Florida handled 40 per cent of US trade with Latin America and the Caribbean.

Florida has 15 deep-water ports, while Miami airport is the largest international airfreight hub in the US.

Florida's is one of the largest import source, accounting for most of the trade worth US$9.65 billion.
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All Cash Transactions For Florida Commercial Land

Telephone: USA (954) 882 4252


Off-Market Listing, All-Cash Transactions - This Website is seeking buyers or investors looking for Off-Market Commercial Properties who prefer all-cash transactions.

Florida, New York and Alabama were considered the top three states with the highest percentage of buyers paying with cash instead of taking out loans or mortgages.

Approximately 64% of all 2014 commercial land sales in Florida were cash-only purchases. Foreign investors are helping drive Florida Commercials Investment cash-only sales and leads the nation
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Hotel Investments In Florida

Many investors are starting to consider investing into the Florida's hotels and motels. Long and short term investments are fueling these markets which make it a good time, great area and a great investment to do so.

I am located in State of Florida. Contact me today about your commercial real estate needs, which may be in Palm Beach, Miami, Keys West and the Orlando Florida areas.

Florida's Locations
and low taxes, favorable weather are just a few reasons to invest. If you are considering Commercial Real Estate In South East Florida
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Some Of New Commercial Properties Are:
Telephone: USA (954) 882 4252

60 Rooms, Hotel, - Interior Corridors in Palm Beach County $7,800,000

Flagged Hotel, 90 Rooms, & Restaurant - Palm Beach County, $11,000,000

30 Units, 4 Buildings - palm beach county, All Rented, 8-10 cap $4,600,000
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