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I think this Oatmeal comic pretty succinctly sums up 1 of the 2 main reasons why people pirate content.

The other being cost and I think Louis CK already blew great big holes in the whole myth of always needing established distribution channels that require/justify higher markup with his Live at the Beacon special - more about that experiment here

Anyone care to let content companies know that they're only hurting themselves fighting change? I would but they won't take my call...
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Gaffigan's going to do the $5 special download now. In his interview he brings up a good point: without the distribution channels, you lose corporate advertising, and the problem is getting the word out.

Still, if more artists did this, maybe I'd start paying attention to Google ads.
Good point +Jason Herber The approach CK used definitely favors those with the resources to produce and advertise as well as those with the notoriety to have a built in audience. I don't think HBO or other large production & distribution shops will be irrelevant any day soon so much as the larger players need to take notice that the smaller distributors and even direct from talent models are squeezing their existing approach in ways that highlight the weaknesses of assuming that because your content is exclusive it will guarantee you can only make it available directly with unpleasant access or cost restrictions. The idea that the producer can control their work after release is being killed for better and worse. If they focus on delivering their content in a way that still allows them a profit instead of sticking to models that used to be able to lock in the margins they wanted I think they'll do much better in the long run. I don't want to see companies like HBO punished for producing large budget shows like game of thrones but I simultaneously don't believe they're acknowledging that their old established model is being overtaken by events.

Thanks for the heads up on Gaffigan's special too. Glad to hear more people are making the leap of trusting their audience to pay what they can for what they enjoy.
Yeah, you know if I were HBO, I'd have pay-per-view streaming available the day the reruns stop showing on-air. Let the DVDs come whenever production of the DVDs happens for people like me who like to own discs. The Western world is operating on an instant-availability basis, and if content producers don't get that, they're going to suffer. The Oatmeal makes the argument perfectly clear, and shows beautifully why people will continue to pirate as long as this distribution model persists.
Ahahahahaha the funny thing is I had this exact same problem.... trying to biuy the DVDs, no one's got them available and no one knows when they'll be available. So I watched Games of Thrones on Project Free TV. Maybe if the DVDs ever come out, I'll buy.
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