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Menthya Hittu
I am really not sure why this spice mix is called Menthya hittu. That's because only one to two tea spoons of Menthya aka fenugreek seeds go into this powder. Given it's inherent bitter taste, Fenugreek seeds may not be a favorite with everybody. However, t...

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Rice and coconut pudding with Mango
Sometimes, I wonder if I'm cut out for writing. I say this because, there are times when I can't think of a single thing to write. I do not have any issues with photographing or developing recipes. I always seem to have at least three recipes with photograp...

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Fried moong salad
Hello there Peeps!! I have been away from my virtual kitchen for a bit and I have missed it sorely. These past few days have been busy. I have to say that I have spent it well doing stuff around the house. I also managed to catch up on some old friends and ...

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Badami Rocks!!! - A travelogue
"If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday" -Pearl. S. Buck I am not sure about the exact time since I started getting
these pangs to visit the fabled cave temples of Badami. It could be during my
childhood years, when I stood staring at...

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Lima beans in Tomato Gravy- A no onion, no garlic recipe
Butter beans or Lima beans is one legume that I never grew up eating. It was never cooked in my mother's or my Grandmother's place and neither was it made in my In-law's place. So I never knew what to make out of these white colored legumes. It was only a f...

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Khara bhat or Rava bhat
Let me start this post by wishing all my friends and Readers a very Happy New year!!! I hope you all had a fun filled holiday season!! Allow me to begin 2017 with a light, comforting and hearty breakfast recipe. I have to confess that we over indulged on fo...

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Christmas fruit cookies- A guest post for Lubna Karim from Yummy food
First of all I wish to thank Luana for having me on her beautiful space. Kitchen flavors was one of those blogs that I "grew up" following and emulating. So you can imagine delight when Lubna asked me to do a guest post for her. Lubna is one of those people...

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Dhingri Matar- Mushroom and peas in poppy seeds and cashew gravy
I am back with a rich, indulgent yet simple Gravy. The dhingri matar is a delicious combination of Mushrooms and fresh green peas, simmered in a luscious, thick gravy. The Dhingri matar is something that is often made at a our home. I make this side dish du...

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Fattoush- Middle eastern Bread Salad
Fattoush is perhaps one of the most famous and most well-known Middle eastern salads. It is so popular, that it makes a frequent appearance on the Mezzo table. It is a vibrant salad with a zesty Garlic-lemon dressing. If you have never tasted middle eastern...

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Subside soppu Kootu
It is almost midday as I write this post. I am all alone in the house and I am feeling an odd adrenaline rush as I write this. I know. Adrenaline rush is not often connected to writing. This hormone is supposed to kick in when one is engaged in sports or is...
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