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Bonjour is an Apple service that advertises things like web servers and printers to your local LAN - really a consumer technology to make it easy to use the electronics you've plugged in at home. With the proliferation of BYOD, folks are showing up to the office with iPhones and iPads in hand. Bonjour doesn't work effectively in that scenario, as VLANs often separate devices from the services they might want to use.

Enter the Aerohive Bonjour gateway. Bonjour services can now be advertised across VLAN boundaries, and you don't have to be a huge Aerohive customer to take advantage of this service. You don't even have to turn on Aerohive wireless functionality. Interesting tech, and a fun Packet Pushers Podcast.
Aerohive has recently announced Bonjour support for networking. If you aren't familiar with Bonjour it's the zero configuration protocol that used by Apple for all their devices to discover se...
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Aerohive makes notes in the advertisement packet header (if I remember right) to make sure service advertisement loops are avoided. Also, the administrator can manipulate the list of services to make sure that only desired Bonjour services are advertised across VLAN boundaries, and only into specific VLANs as desired.
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