Packet Pushers Podcast Show 96
Hack the Hackers: Fyodor on Nmap & The Security Industry

Network Security Princess +Mrs. Y Iswhy connected with Nmap author Gordon "Fyodor" Lyon to record a +Packet Pushers podcast with +Greg Ferro & +Ethan Banks.

We had a lot of fun recording this show. "Behind the scenes" of this particular show was that Greg (in the UK) and Ethan (in the US) almost never actually see each other in meatspace, and it was also our first time meeting Mrs. Y in real-time as well. So, as we were all together for the +Tech Field Day event NFD3 in San Jose, CA, we managed to sneak in an hour to record a podcast.

In Fyodor, who is based in San Jose, we couldn't have asked for a better guest. He's a quiet, unimposing figure with not a scrap of egomania we could detect. And if he'd wanted to be all pompous and snarky, he's one of those people who actually has the right, in my opinion. But he listened to questions, stayed on point with answers (instead of hammering home some pre-determined message like some folks seem to), and was just great to dialog with.

We talk Nmap a good deal (of course), and also stray off into some of our inevitable rabbit trails around the business of the security industry. Also - I linked to just about everything of note that came up in the podcast in the "Links" section of blog post below, so if you're digging around for a link, there's a good chance I already dug it up for you.
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