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Using the Power of Internet Marketing
Using the Power of Internet Marketing

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Google+ numbers still racking up.

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Still more showing that Google are slowly connecting the disparate posts of their portfolio.

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Are Google about to connect another pair of links in the chain that leads back to their core business of Search ? We'll see ...

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Google connect two more links in the chain.

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Interesting: the confirmation that a check-in style link is about to be made between Places & Google+ shows that Google is slowly linking the different landmarks it has established on the net. It just seems to be taking quite a while to me !

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I hate to sound like a broken record, but here's more evidence to support the idea that Google+ is as much about Search as social media.

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Places & Pages being linked ? Well, as we have already posted, if it's true thengives credence to our belief about the raison d'etre of Google+. In other words, it's not so much about being a social network, more about tying everything back to the thing that Google does best: search.

Well at long last, Google have opened up the Google+ platform to business users.

This may just look like "me too" in the sense that the concept is similar to Facebook Pages and a lot of people will exercise themselves over the question of whether Google can ever catch Facebook, which has such a huge lead in terms of members.

Personally, I think it's the wrong question!

Google has been the ruler of the "search space" for aeons (in "internet time") and although other players are beginning to encroach on its turf, it's still the biggest player by far.

So aside from its regular search bots, crawling all the web pages as before, just consider all of the assets that Google can bring to bear to discern what people want and find useful on the web.

They have
- Google Places, which are being ever closely coupled to ...
- Google Maps
- Google+ ... which is where you're reading this now !
- Google +1, if you will, Big G's version of the Facebook "Like"
- YouTube
- Android

For some of these, you have to have a Google account too, which might just be your Gmail account.

Get the idea ? Having a handy-dandy social network to play with all these elements makes sense in terms of an integrated strategy for helping people to find what they want. And of course, when they are busy doing that, Google bring will show you ads in the way that they have for so long ... and this makes them a lot of cash !

Result ? Everyone is happy :D ... well, that's the theory ! Time will tell ...
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