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Day two here with 3 great films.
In 3rd place was Extraterrestrials, an almost rom-com type film from Spain. Its self-contained and is very good for what it tries to be. A UFO appears over Madrid, and this film focuses on a small group of people in a hotel. It doesn't focus on the UFO but rather the peoples reaction to the UFO. Other than some holes in continuity, I really liked it.
2nd place bring us Juan of the Dead. The title pretty much says it all, an this Cuban film does a great job with this film. Not only is it a parody, but it also is very moving and deep at points. It is also a look into cuban culture, which none of us Yankees really know anything about.
Topping 1st place is the Norwegian thriller Headhunters. This amazing film is about a man called Roger who steals paintings for a living. The plot is that he has to survive and run from a man called Clas who wants him dead for some reason. This film has a great story and acting, and the way it comes full circle in the end makes it the smartest films I've seen so far.
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