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I get by with a little help from my friends.
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Next up: Him getting high with a little help from his friends
habako huryito minedin li tewnon
pero dobbiamo imparare molto dagli animali .......
parrot friend dog to future so save life
Friends will always help each OTHER
hi i am deaf. i love pup dog to house nw.
it is human being to out of thin  in animals good relations talk parrot about general knowledge. thank you.
more help us to grow  many people live in liffe gentle  world grow plan fantastic
I Feel parrot friend dog thank. happy animals ok.
it is an creat  to all human beings need in future small helps in everybody plzz
hi i am deaf nw. i ll company job in mvj college of eng ok. blessing your nw
you have parrot and dog nw. successful life. you talk it about story
faithful nw."THANK YOU" i am deaf. do you kown? PLEASE REPLY ME
ok fine. i see good it. happy now
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