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Asia leads Refinery Maintenance Capacity – Q2 2017

Q2 2017 with 4,094 thousand barrels per day (mbd), #Asia had the highest #refining capacity under maintenance (both planned and unplanned). The regions which had #refining capacities under maintenance come under second and third are #NorthAmerica (1,872 mbd) and the Middle East (736 mbd), respectively. Asia, North America, and the Middle East also lead among countries in terms of refining capacity under planned maintenance, with 3,708 mbd, 1,274 mbd and 736 mbd, respectively. North America had the highest refining capacity under unplanned maintenance in Q2 2017 with 598 mbd. Asia and the Caribbean follow with 386 mbd and 335 mbd, respectively.

Yeosu in #SouthKorea had the highest refining capacity under maintenance (both planned and unplanned) in the quarter with 786 mbd among the refineries. The three refineries which lead in terms of planned maintenance globally are Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery in Kuwait had the second highest with 466 mbd followed by the Whiting refinery in the US (430 mbd).

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