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Announcing the launch of Ally Digital.

With more than six years in my field, I'm a student and a teacher on all topics related to it. My peers respect my advice, some call me an expert. I've built a successful agency offering comprehensive digital marketing services.

This time, I want to help small business by providing affordable services and sticking around for the long term. So I'm using the best of what I've learned, and the best tools, to provide small businesses with the opportunities of the big guys.

This is not about the big accounts. No problem with those, but I'm for the real small businesses. The mom-and-pop local retailer. The electrician. The artist. The food truck. The dentist. The small local chain of cleaners. The little spa. The bed and breakfast. You get the idea.

On that mission, I'm building Ally Digital.

But I can't do this alone. I've been blessed with many friends and professional acquaintances from all walks of life. And many ask me how they can help. That's easy. Please tell a business owner about this.

Tell them Ally Digital offers affordable subscription-based internet marketing services.

Tell them about Ally Local, probably the most important service they're missing. It's a combination of Local SEO (local search engine optimization), Directory Business Listings, and Social Media and Reviews (Reputation) Management tools for local retail and service area businesses. 
Ally Local is particularly helpful to retail businesses (those that benefit from walk-in traffic, like stores, restaurants, automotive service, cleaners, dentists, chiropractors, spas, etc.) and service-area businesses (like electricians, plumbers). ($75/mo.)

Tell them about Ally Sites, the last website they'll ever need.
Ally Sites – Affordable, agency-quality small business website design, development,  hosting, and support, as a subscription service. ($95/mo.)

Learn more:

Thanks for caring enough to read.

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Nando Journeyman

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Nando Journeyman

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Sweet tool with great integration with Google Drive

We've been testing this quietly for a while, but now we're really excited to be able to announce you can finally organise your Coggles right in Google Drive!

Either install our Chrome app (, or use the link at the bottom of your list of Coggles to set things up.

Once activated, any new Coggles you create (including copies) that don't belong to an Organisation will show up right in your Google Drive.

Read more on the blog!

Nando Journeyman

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Neil Patel's #marketing predictions for 2015:

#1: Guest post links won’t be as effective
#2: SEO will become harder
#3: Old school link building will be more popular than ever
#4: Social Media will become the cornerstone of blogging
#5: Marketing budgets will be shifted towards creative approaches
#6: Newspapers will be leveraged more
#7: Companies will create software to generate demand
#8: We’ll see a demand in conversion optimization
#9: Marketing tools will become free
#10: People will start building their personal brands

Read more…
2015 is going to be an interesting year for marketers. Based on what I’ve seen over the years and my decade-long experience, I think there are going to be

Nando Journeyman

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Loving the vegan food at
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Nando Journeyman

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This is my message. I now know it's true.

#inspirationalquote   #motivationalquotes  

Nando Journeyman

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Today, after traveling down a rocky road, I'm happy to announce the launch of my new business +Ally Digital . This post commemorates that.
#smallbusiness   #inspiration   #inspirationalquote  
Motivation quote for someone who's found inspiration. Courtesy of @NandoJourneyman

Nando Journeyman

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Hey Google+, how have you been?

Nando Journeyman

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More #SocialMedia goodness via Neil Patel in a kickass #Infographic  

Nando Journeyman

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How do you know if you have a little more left in you? You push harder. How can you tell if “you’ve gone too far”? Something breaks. Therein lies the conundrum: fear of breaking something –a bone, equipment, emotionally– can stop us one step short of our greatest successes. But we don’t always break. We’re, More…
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