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MANNA INFOTECH is a Registered Software Company.
MANNA INFOTECH is a Registered Software Company.

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Now you can request 'Aadhaar' profile updates online

New Delhi, Nov 30

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is executing the "Aadhaar" scheme pan-India, Friday launched a new facility to enable people update their demographic profile by post or by way of an online application.
The authority said in a statement that update requests can be submitted online through the self-service update portal, which will accept requests for changes in name, gender, date of birth, address and mobile number.

This apart, residents can send their request for update on these five fields by post to any of the six regional offices of UIDAI based on the local language in which they were enrolled, the statement added.

Earlier, the update option was available at the enrolment or update centres alone.

"UIDAI recognises the need for facilitating residents to update their demographic and biometric information up-to-date using multiple channels. The facility is one such service made available for the convenience of residents," the statement said.

The new facility was launched by UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani, which allows residents to log on to and submit requests along with relevant documents. this portal also enables the residents to check the status of their update requests.

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Top 10 Best Winter Foods

The nip in the air would tell you that it is time for that extra preparation. Come November and you would take out the woollens, scarves and gloves gearing up for the winter chill.

So, as you prepare on the outside, you may also like the body to be prepared from the inside. This would require certain not-to-be-missed foods in your winter diet. 
Let’s have a look!

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Pepsi bags IPL title sponsorship rights

Cola major Pepsi has bagged the title rights of the Indian Premier League for Rs.396.8 crore. They replace DLF, who had been the title sponsors for the first five editions.

DLF who had had paid Rs.200 crore for the deal in 2008, had decided not to renew their contract with the IPL in July this year. Aircel was the other bidder, which had offered Rs.316 crore for the title sponsorship rights.

According to a BCCI press release, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Chairman of the Marketing Committee, announced that the rights had been won by PepsiCo, saying,"The BCCI is very pleased to welcome PepsiCo as a central partner of the IPL. The value of the winning bid reflects the growth and success of the IPL"

IPL Governing Council Chairman, Rajeev Shukla added “PepsiCo are one of the largest sponsors in world sport and we look forward to working with them over the next seasons. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank DLF for its confidence in the IPL to become the league’s first title sponsor in 2008.”

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Everyday Foods that Can Kill You

Our daily diet, unknowingly, consists of a lot of food that is actually poisonous and can cost us our life. Being alert about what you eat is really important as sometimes, even a seemingly regular food can turn fatal.

Here are some foods that can actually kill you.

Almonds: Just like cashew nuts, almonds too are considered to be extremely poisonous if not treated before consumption. In the crude form these nuts are exposed to heat in order to make them edible.

Cashew: Raw cashews contain urushiol, which is a poisonous chemical that can lead to death of a person. The ones that are available in the market are not in their raw form as they are steamed before being packed for consumption.

Potatoes: One of the most commonly eaten vegetable across the world, a potato plant is actually poisonous. Everything except the bulbs, that we consume, is extremely harmful. If you consume the leaves of the potato plant in surfeit quantities it can prove to be fatal.

Mushrooms: Toadstools are poisonous mushrooms that must not be eaten. Mushrooms that are found in the wild are the harmful ones and can cause grave damage to the body. However, you must take note of the fact that not all mushrooms are poisonous.

Rhubarb: Rhubarb is a plant with edible and flavorsome stems which are used as a part of a number of desserts. However the leaves of this plant contain an acid which is very harmful in nature. Being observant about the quality and nature of food you consume is particularly imperative. Having complete knowledge and information about unusual foods is another important point to be taken care of.

Cherries: The tiny little red fruit is enjoyed by most people and used in a number of ways. However, the seed of the cherry is poisonous in nature. It releases hydrogen cyanide in your body. You might feel uneasy, dizzy or even vomit. Extreme reactions include convulsions, kidney failure and heart related problems.

Apple seeds: The fruit that actually keeps the doctor away has poisonous seeds that contain cyanide. However, the level of cyanide is low and does not cause extreme reactions. But health experts do not recommend eating apple seeds.

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Top IT service providers by revenue

from hosting computers and networks to managing computer applications and integrating hardware and software, these companies have shown the strongest growth of all the ICT 50 in recent years. 

This category has three subgroups each with its own business dynamic. The first is global: companies which have transformed their scale into industry leadership positions; second is regional service providers: those that face a more challenging future and the third subgroup: offshore IT service providers (based in India).

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Hurricane Sandy losses worse than Irene

Hurricane Sandy appears to have easily caused more losses than last year's Hurricane Irene, but final totals will be hard to come by for some time because of the scale of the disaster, catastrophe forecasting companies said on Tuesday.

Sandy left millions without power, caused widespread flooding that may shut New York City's subways for days, and killed potentially dozens of people up and down the U.S. east coast.

RMS, one of the three primary firms used by the insurance industry to calculate disaster exposures, indicated that Sandy should outdo the roughly $4.5 billion in insured losses Irene caused after hitting the northeast in August 2011.

"Sandy event is much more severe ... and has impacted NYC to a much worse degree than Irene," RMS said in a storm report early Tuesday.

Its assessment follows that of peer Eqecat, which said late Monday that Sandy was likely to cause anywhere from $5 billion to $10 billion in insured losses and from $10 billion to $20 billion in economic losses.

If Eqecat is correct, Sandy would rank as the fifth-worst hurricane in history, based on inflation-adjusted losses, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

A better picture should emerge in the days ahead as insurers get their catastrophe teams into the most affected areas and begin making assessments. Allstate said it had more than 1,100 claims staff staged and ready to go once the storm has passed.
Eqecat and its peers are likely to refine their estimates as well. AIR Worldwide, the other large disaster modeler, is due to release its own initial estimate over the next day.

Most financial analysts expect that an insured loss of even $10 billion would have little effect on the insurance and reinsurance industries, aside from a probable hit to fourth-quarter earnings.
Shares in U.S.-listed insurers will not trade again on Tuesday because of the ongoing market closure, but in Europe insurers and reinsurers opened on relief that losses are apparently manageable.
European reinsurance analysts at Citi said Tuesday the losses were unlikely to have any impact on pricing for next year, which is expected to be flat at best in the January contract renewals due to excess industry capacity.

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Dengue: Symptoms, causes and treatment

The alarming rise in cases of dengue across cities in the country has become a cause of worry.
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