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Blogger, Traveler, Freelance Writer


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Very interesting data in this report, a must check.
For example, did you know that 23% of small business do not use social media?

+Wasp Barcode Technologies #smallbusiness #SME2017

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What would be your number one, single, website conversion optimization tip?

Here 13 blogging experts share their suggestions.
Thanks for including me, +Fabrizio Van Marciano

#blogging #motivation #optimization #conversion +Magnet4Blogging

+Ashley Faulkes +Adam Connell +Lilach Bullock +Kulwant Nagi +Ron Sela +David Hartshorne +Swadhin Agrawal +Jane Sheeba +Anil Agarwal +Harsh Agrawal +Ryan Biddulph

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Read the best keyword research tools according to 74 Online Marketing Experts.
Great roundup at +Tung Tran blog.

Some experts featured: +uttoran sen +Marko Saric +Dennis Seymour +Tor Refsland +Dave Schneider +Stuart Walker +Adam Connell +Neil Patel +Dominic Wells +Nick Loper +Bishal Biswas +Pavlos Giorkas +Mallory Whitfield

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“Starting a blog that generates income isn’t easy and requires a tremendous amount of work… Based on your experience, what are the biggest challenges to starting a profitable blog from scratch ?”

Interesting roundup of experts at +Gabriel St-Germain blog.
Some of the bloggers featured: +Tor Refsland  +Matthew Woodward +Zac Johnson +Ron Sela +Ryan Biddulph +Mi Muba +Devesh Sharma +Ali Luke +Nate Shivar +Sharon Gourlay 

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Are you running a mailing list?
Which email marketing tools are you using?

This guide can help you figure out which ones will best help you keep consumers coming back to your website, build brand loyalty, and make sales.

#getresponse #emailmarketing #smartmail

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Are you using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms?
They focus on data related to specific people.

Using them, you can optimize your sales processes on a macro level and personalize engagement with prospects on a micro level.
This post explains how they work.

#analytics   #business   #sales  +Leadfeeder +Oktopost 

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Traffic is the heartbeat of a website and every blogger needs more!

Here are five key things you can do to grow your blog traffic in a way that will help you successfully monetize your blog.

#traffic #onlinemarketing #blogging at +Jerry Low
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