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What does the UKBA guidance state on the issue of overcrowding:

The ECO must be satisfied as to:

1)The availability and adequacy of accommodation

2)That (where applicable) the permission of the owner of the accommodation has been given

3) No additional public funds will be necessary for accommodating the applicant in cases where the sponsor lives in accommodation from public funds.

In assessing the adequacy of accommodation:

The ECO’s judgement should be based on the evidence from the applicant. If the ECO is not sure of the credibility of the applicant, he / she should ask to see a letter from the owner of the property (which may be a housing authority, housing association, landlord or a building society). This should confirm particulars of tenure and occupation of the dwelling, together with a description of the accommodation and, if rented, a copy of the lease.

The onus is on the applicant to provide confirmation that there is no objection to an additional resident moving into the accommodation.

If you want to find out more go to:

Immigration and Visa property inspection report.
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Property inspection report, how is overcrowding assessed? Find out more here

The statutory overcrowding
There are two standards in Part X of the Housing Act 1985 (which have
remained unchanged since 1935) that are used to assess whether a
home is ‘statutorily overcrowded.’ If either or both of these standards
are breached a dwelling will be statutorily overcrowded.
When originally introduced in 1935 the standards were viewed as a
threshold that could be strengthened:
The standard laid down need not be regarded as the ultimate
ideal to which we should work. It is one upon which it is possible
to begin to get this reform underway.1
The statutory overcrowding standard is not generous; relatively few
households ‘pass the test’ – a point which was recognised in research
published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) in May
Households that are statutorily overcrowded are so rare that a
reliable estimate of numbers cannot be produced at a national
(England) level even using data from the Survey of English
Housing and the 2001 English House Condition Survey, which are
relatively large surveys.2
1.1 The room standard
Section 325 of the Housing Act 1985 provides that there is
overcrowding wherever there are so many people in a house that any
two or more of those persons, being ten or more years old, and of
opposite sexes, not being persons living together as husband and wife,
have to sleep in the same room.
For these purposes, children under ten may be disregarded and a room
means any room normally used as either a bedroom or a living room. A
kitchen can be considered to be a living room provided it is big enough
to accommodate a bed.
When interpreting this definition, a local authority looks at how the
sleeping arrangements within the premises could be organised, rather
than how they are actually organised.3
Thus, a couple, with two
children of opposite sexes and aged ten years or more, with two living
rooms (e.g. bedrooms), may not be statutorily overcrowded because the
couple could occupy separate rooms, with one each of the children (of
the appropriate sex).
There is no limit on the number of people of the same sex who can live
in the same room under section 325 although there may be a
contravention of the space standard

1.2 The space standard
This standard works by calculating the permitted number of people for
a dwelling in one of two ways. The lower number thus calculated is the
permitted number for the dwelling.4 One test is based on the number of
living rooms in the dwelling (disregarding rooms of less than 50 square
one room = two persons
two rooms = three persons
three rooms = five persons
four rooms = seven and a half persons
five rooms or more = ten persons plus two for each room in excess of
five rooms.
A child below the age of one does not count and a child between the
age of one and ten counts as a half person.
The other test is based on floor areas of each room size:
less than 50 square feet = no-one
50 to less than 70 square feet = half a person
70 to less than 90 square feet = one person
90 to less than 110 square feet = one and a half persons
110 square feet or larger = two persons
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A new independent review is always great. Here is another one of our satisfied customer on Trust Pilot.

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We are the UK's foremost immigration inspection report provider, available for your Spouse Visa, Visit Visa, Indefinite Leave to Remain or any other Visa Extension. Your accommodation report will be carried out and provided to you within 24 hours of a home visit. Contact us today.

The United Kingdom Border Agnecy have made it a requirement that for countries outside of the EU must show that either the Applicant can or the sponsor can house the applicant without having recourse to any funds. A property inpsection report is therefore necessary.

We work on a best price guarantee and will provide FREE official title deeds to show that you or your landlord owns the property. We cover the cost of this for you.

Our Assessors have the correct credentials to ensure that the report which is provided to you is easy to understand and accurrate.

Telephone us on our office mobile which is avialble out of hours for appointments: 07816 333 977 or our main line number should you prefer is: 0844 542 1101
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If you are applying for a spouse visa or an extension you will need to prove that your house is not overcrowded. spcialise in spouse visa property inspections.

Call us today 0844 542 1101 or 07816 333 977

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We have over 10 years of experience providing cost effective and quick Immigration Property Inspections.

You can call us today on: 0844 542 1101 or 07816 333 977.

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Prices start from £80.00
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Immigration inspection reports by us at can be used in any country, or for internal applications also. Visit us to find out more or book your appointment today.
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Happy clients makes a happy company!

You can see our reviews across our site at

We have helped 1000s of people with their visa application by supporting them with UKBA approved Property Inspection Reports, including Spouse Visa home inspections, visit visa overcrowding assessments, indefinite leave to remain propery reports, visa propert inspection reports and property inspections for immigration purposes in every country including pakistan, india, bangladesh and many more.
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What a great image: One World, One Love

for all you property inspection reports to help you with you visa. UKBA and UKVI approved reports.
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