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Wasting time, one blog post at a time.
Wasting time, one blog post at a time.

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Although law enforcement officials have not officially released the names of the suspect or the victims, the Kansas City Star is reporting that two of the victims shot last night were employees of Garmin’s Aviation Systems Engineering team. They were identified in a company-wide email as Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani, and both appear to be Indian or Indian American immigrants to the United States.

...The suspected shooter was eventually taken into custody without incident earlier this morning in Clinton, Missouri after being overheard at a local Applebee’s telling the bartender that he had “killed two Middle Eastern men“.

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These startling statistics suggest that it’s time to take a long and hard look at law enforcement culture in America. Do the people we hire to protect public safety actually fulfill their mission to serve and protect? Or, has our law enforcement’s increasing embrace of military-style tactics and weapons — as well as a lack of police accountability and a general failure to challenge the implicit bias of public safety officers — undermined that public service mission when it comes to the safety of communities of colour? Again, I wonder: who watches the watchmen?

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Today, as we remember Japanese American incarceration history, we must also remember how precariously close this country is to enacting this same sort of state violence against other groups. 75 years ago today, American racism labeled Japanese American men, women and children enemies of the state and placed them behind barbed wire fences to keep them away from the rest of American society. Let us not find ourselves 75 years from now commemorating a new Day of Remembrance marking the day when President Donald J. Trump passes new executive action to replicate old patterns of racism against new targets.

Today, it is not enough for us to passively remember Japanese American incarceration. Instead, we must -- as a country -- take action and join our allies in stopping American history from repeating itself all over again.

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Vogue has a long and storied history of styling non-Asian female models in fantastical "geisha-inspired" gear and over-the-top chinoiserie as part of highly offensive Orientalist fashion spreads.

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Mukherjee is perhaps best known for her novel, Jasmine, which was published in 1989 and which explores the shifting identities of a young Indian woman as she seeks to find her place while growing up in America. 

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GUEST: Mark Tseng Putterman

Dear Senator Mazie K. Hirono,

"On inauguration day, you promised your commitment to “resist any attempt the President makes to dismantle the progress we’ve made” on issues of health care, immigrant rights, civil rights, and economic justice. The next day, you joined hundreds of thousands of women and supporters at the Women’s March in D.C. — tweeting: “Aloha trumps hate & we will not back down”.

These admirable sentiments are all the more powerful coming from you, our first Asian American woman senator, and a longtime advocate for Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. But in these times of political crisis, we know that every single vote counts.

That’s why I was so disappointed to see that on January 20, the same day you promised to resist Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, you used your vote to help confirm his nominee, John Kelly, as Secretary of Homeland Security."


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In fact, the truly historic thing about Totally Awesome Hulk #15 is that its Asian American characters are introduced as regular people. Not tropes or cliches, just people — fun-loving, good-natured, interesting people. I was refreshed to see Asian Americans portrayed in comics as normal humans with complex personalities, unique interpersonal relationships, backstories and senses of humour; that reaction tells us something about how flatly Asian Americans have been portrayed in comic in all the decades before this book.

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Reads the statement:

"We stand at a critical juncture in world history. The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States represents a direct threat to millions of people’s safety and to the health of the planet. As Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) committed to equality, inclusion, and justice, we pledge to resist any efforts by President-Elect Trump’s administration to target and exploit communities, to strip people of their fundamental rights and access to essential services, and to use rhetoric and policies that divide the American people and endanger the world."


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When Twitter’s Trump supporters thinks all Asian American women look the same, and then hurl phrases like “sneaky”, “scheming”, “whore” and “spy” at someone who is essentially an innocent bystander, that is the Trump Nation exercising their collusion in racist and sexist bullying against Asian American women and anyone else deemed by this horde of hatemongers to be ‘too different’ to be American.

Is this the America that we can look forward to for the next four years?

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If Republicans are successful in passing legislation to dismantle Obamacare, approximately 1 in 15 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders would lose their healthcare coverage, and millions more would love access to mental health care, reproductive health care, and a vast array of preventative care.
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