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Bruce Findleton
Give me a contract. You know you want to.
Give me a contract. You know you want to.

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Wow! Even my Adobe progs should run sweet on this puppy...

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Your Moment of Zend: Up and Running

I helped write this blog. No, not “write a blog post,” I literally helped write the blog site. From scratch. By hand. Carpal Tunnel be damned. What you see is what Kurt Miller and I spent the last 3 months make happen. Sure, it needs some CSS love but, baby, that’s small potatoes when you’re trying to figure out how to keep cascade deletes from wasting all your keywords. Hey, it’s a bigger problem than you think. Really!

Anyway, go check it out and register while you’re there so you can leave snarky comments. What, like you got something better to do? Riiight.

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In the interest of science (regardless of how pointless it may seem at the moment)
Reshare this post so we can test the new Google+ Ripples! The more reshares, the more interesting the graph.

So please, everyone reshare.

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The more things change...

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Rather spot-on.

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My last post here (or they change it)

If you want to support me in my work that everyone can use his or her artist name as the main name, send an e-mail to:
Google Profiles Support <>
Subject: "Re: [#885209053] Google Profile Name Review"

Please share the image. Thanks a lot.

I was not allowed to use my name as 99.9% of you know me.
I was not even allowed to use my name as it is in my Passport.
"The Account will be closed on G+ or "you" obey."
My integrity is more important to me than Google+.

Good Bye.

(Signed out, I will not reply to any post, sorry)
Find me on Facebook: drsassi Sassmannshausen PhD

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Hey! It's International Freelancers Day today. That means be nice to a freelancer. Like me.

It's also Brother's Week on Facebook. ( And, hey, who are you to argue with FB? Yeah, thought not. So be nice to brothers. Like me!

Plus, my horoscope says, "You need to feel useful and wanted and are never happy unless you are active and involved." (OK, that one took me a while to dig up, but still...)

So be nice to a freelancer, brother who needs to feel useful by hiring me for your next web/video/multimedia project. I'll chip in 10 free Karma-Points to the first 10 callers. FTW, right? You betcha!

And if not, have a good Friday anyway. ;)
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