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First Working Day of 2014
[Ok this post was meant to be
completed a couple of days back, but I was so caught up in the work + gym
routine (plus the lack of sleep) post travelling it resulted in a slight
delay.] Today marks my first working
day for 2014, after a glorious one month ho...

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Vietnam Series (Part 1) – Getting from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island
Just got back from our 12
days of fantastic- tripping around Vietnam. It was entirely a DIY trip, so we
mulled through tons of travel blogs / articles and also our trusty Lonely Planet
to plan our journey. Travelling in the month of January in Vietnam can b...

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About time for an update
Am writing this while taking a short breather from researching for my upcoming Vietnam holiday. Stomach's feeling a bit wonky at the moment, could've been from the turkey ham and cheese sandwich I just had from Pickle and Fig a couple of hours ago.  Meant t...

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Getaway @ Awanmulan
People often quipped that city people are busy people, with minimal time to spare. Born and raised in a city, I have unknowingly picked up the traits of a so called "city" person. Always having something on the to-do list, always too occupied. On rare occas...

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September Joys
Milestones achieved in September  — 1. Officially a CPA member  2.Completed my inaugural 16.8km run Ah, the satisfaction when you achieve something you've been working hard for. (:
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