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We're still going with taglines?
We're still going with taglines?

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This is a brilliant twenty minutes from Mr. Hitchens. If everyone took the time to digest this I think we'd live in a much better world.

Looking forward to watching some GDC talks this week. I'm hoping some stuff makes it online. If I'm able to spot anything useful I'll post it online.

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Now here's an inventive concept.. It's an survival adventure quest where you actually run in the real world (with shoes, sweating, and the rest) to progress the story.

Even though this is a runner game in it's truest form, I feel they are somewhat mislabeling it here as 'runner' games have taken on a completely different meaning in the app store. (see MegaRunner --

Never-the-less, this is something completely refreshing. I don't know of anything else like it. And now that I think about it, I can't believe it's taken this long this long for something like this to come out.

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Interesting read on how the IGF (Independent Games Festival) handles its submissions, after one studio found less then half of the allotted number of judges took the time to play his game.

Both the article and the comments are worth the read. It gives a lot of insight as to what goes on behind the curtain at award shows.

Sadly, I've had a similar occurrence with them, thus why I've never bothered entering the IGF a second time.

With 5 minutes left the Mojang guys have raised over $430k this weekend for charity! (

The stream was a lot of fun to watch and the game looks fantastic. It's nice to see developers with this much exposure reaching out to do something positive like this.

HUGE Congrats!

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Not ANOTHER Bundle!

Wait a second.
This one is for a good cause. Charity Game!
(and the video is funny)

Not to mention, you'll get to help offset Mojang's tax burden for 2011 by giving them money to give to charity. It's a Win Win Win!

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This remains one of the best things I've seen. remember the name, they will be bleeding your eyes out with awesome in the future.

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This is a fantastic watch for anyone interested in the future of graphics and computing.

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I think Don may have invented the word smooth.

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Keeping it moving with a Flying Lotus collab..
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