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Natascha Curlschick
Feathers make fine birds, but the heart makes the person.
Feathers make fine birds, but the heart makes the person.

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After so much leg workouts my legs become stronger. I noticed it today while squating. In the past I did 15 reps with 30kg without help. Today I managed 40 kg and actually without help from +Emily van der Hell. She never even needs help and is already as strong as Hercules (and I always stand next to her and hope, I'm be able to help her, but in vain. ^ ^) So that was my experience of success today! [...] Read on and see our complete workout at "Fitness MIssion":

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Beautiful legs of course also include beautiful calves. :-) And we train the calves very hardworking. So far we did this either on the leg press or in the Smith Machine. +Emily van der Hell wrote about that here ( But the other day I tried the calf machine. [...] Read on at "Fitness Mission":

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Some time ago +Emily van der Hell  and I have decided to reduce our chest workout, because we don't want to have a "male chest". ;-) Nevertheless, I try as far as I could, to train the chest on mondays, when I work out alone to continue to do some chest exercises. Unfortunately, I do just a few exercises and the weights (especially at the bench press) have decreased. Today I tried to make the comparison and did some "old" exercises with the "old" weights ... [...] Read the full post and workout on "Fitness Mission":

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Once again all alone, no breaks, no one for pushing me and all day on a back day (which isn't my favorite ^^). Therefore I thought that I will manage just a bit. The more surprised I was that I managed quite a lot of exercises with fairly heavy weight and without assistance.
And since I was somehow not fully occupied after all the exercises for the upper back, I even did exercises for ​​the lower back to exhaustion. [...] Read my full back workout on "Fitness Mission":

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After +Emily van der Hell  let off steam with the shoulder workout on sunday, I did it yesterday with my the chest-triceps-abs program.
As always, it was pretty empty at noon, so I did not even knew which machine I should use first. ;-) I have been told, that I should have looked totally motivated. : D Well, I was, after all, it is spring and the motivation is increasing day by day. Do you feel the same?

And get well soon +Emily van der Hell. I don't like to work out alone. ;-)

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Well, well, we toiled pretty much today!

Actually, we have not made ​​much more back exercises than usual, but the fact, that we did the exercises completely with heavy weights, I notice it already a lot. +Emily van der Hell probably rather less than me, because she generally does more on our back day. ^ ^

And because we completed our program so quickly, we made some triceps exercises too. Last of all, I cycled for 15 minutes. I've really deserved the shower! : D

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Today the shoulders were on the program. I suggested +Emily van der Hell, that we should not exercise the chest with the shoulders on one day. Because of a bursitis, I had about a year ago, I've overloaded my shoulder by too many shoulder/chest exercises and that felt really painful. So I wanted to split it different, because I'm afraid that it's happening again.
For this reason we "just" (just is good ^ ^) worked out shoulders and biceps, but properly! We now had to change our entire training plan a little bit, but have found a good solution for everything.
If someone is interested in our current training schedule, please let us know. We will post it then. :-) [...] Read our complete workout on "Fitness Mission":

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If you work out every day of the week, you notice on Friday already, that it was not just a little bit, what you have done .
Because Katja was still ill today, I trained again abs and lower back, so that we can continue with our plan in common. Moreover, it is wrong to do a few other exercises in between . ;-) Afterwards for 10 min cardio on the bike on (for me) the most difficult level, and then I was pretty exhausted. [...] Read on:
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