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This is What It's Like (For Sam...)

Each year,
this day comes a little differently than the last.
New feelings, emotions, thoughts and conundrums.
Pondering life, love, loss, and all that comes with it inspired some writing in me this day.
(and please be kind in your judgments, I'm not a poet :P)

My hope is that in some small way this little poem can provide solace to those who are struggling.

Those who are experiencing loss, sadness, grief, or depression.
Those who haven't been reminded today that someone is in their corner.
Those who simply need a moment to feel they aren't alone and they are loved.
You are loved.


To all my family,
I love you all dearly. You are always in my thoughts that much more today. I know Sam would be immensely proud of how far everyone has come.
Let's all love a little harder and shine a little brighter.
For Sam.


If anyone wants to see the text instead of the video:

#Poetry   #SpokenWord   #Motivation  
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I Mind That Our Time is Still Marked by the Grains of Intolerance...


Please enjoy the "Living Room Tour Mini Documentary" showcasing the journey Chadwick Stokes' (of +DISPATCH) took through many fans' living rooms.

It's a beautiful sonic journey through community and brotherhood.

This tour helped spawn The Horse Comanche -- the latest studio album released by Chadwick Stokes (which I strongly recommend you listen to).

For those interested in the album
- Amazon:
- iTurnes:
- Spotify:


#LivingRoom   #Acoustic   #GetStoked   #Vandercise  
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A Friendly Reminder This Fine Saturday Morning

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Hey, Are You a Dreamer?

Just checked out Waking Life for the first time and thought it was great movie overall. To be honest, my focus was split between the movie and working on a current website project, so I know my interpretation is skewed and I need to give it another watch...

However, I wanted to see if any of you out there on the interwebs have suggestions for similar movies to check out.

I LOVE the animated filming style. Very "A Scanner Darkly", so any recommendations like that are very welcome.

Also, what are your thoughts on Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, and movies of the like? Should I even throw those two into a similar category? Can't wait to find out what you think!

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#WakingLife   #Vandercise   #Animation   #Philosophy  
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Easily One of My Current Favorite Jam Bands

Dispatch brings an energy, skill, and genuine nature to the stage that is nearly unrivaled with current bands of their genre.

The harmony and charisma of these three individuals is truly inspiring to musicians out there and they have a stage presence that seems to embody what it really means to be a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer.

You will not be disappointed by a Dispatch performance

This video is of a live performance of one of my current favorite songs from Dispatch (performed in 2004), below are a couple of links. One to an alternate (more recent) live version of this song and another to a fairly recent performance from the guys in the +101.9 KINK.FM Bing Lounge performing another personal favorite Bang, Bang.

Enjoy :)

Elias (Live in Washington Square Park) - Dispatch:
Dispatch - Elias - Washington Square Park - 8/22/12 - BEST QUALITY

Bang, Bang (Live from the Bing Lounge) - Dispatch:
Dispatch - Bang Bang (Bing Lounge)

#Dispatch   #Acoustic   #Vandercise   #SingItLoud  
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Sex & Candy Has Never Sounded Better

Soulful singer, Mr. Allen Stone, shares his acoustic rendition of Marcy Playground's Sex & Candy for +OurVinyl 

I must say, as a big fan of the original, this stole my heart.

Allen Stone is an amazingly talented performer and if you ever have the opportunity to see him live, don't short yourself, do whatever you have to in order to see him. You will not regret it.

Without further ado, please enjoy :)

#SexAndCandy   #AllenStone   #Acoustic   #Vandercise  
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Batman Fanatics, Make Your Presence Known!

A HUGE thank you to +Kenneth Decauwer for showing this to me.

As a self-proclaimed #Batman  phenom, it is a pleasure to share with all of you +ThePianoGuys take on the Batman Evolution of music. Via Cello and Piano, these guys span over 50 years of iconic Batman musical genius.

Give it a listen and a share.

Which, of all the years of Batman, is your favorite musical score?

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the classic 1960's Batman Theme composed by the amazing Neal Hefti, but would love to know what your favorite is... Neal Hefti? Danny Elfman? The Ventures? Snoop Dogg? Maybe The Who?

Let me know! ;)

#Vandercise   #IKnowThatSong   #PianoGuys  
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Don't You Love When...
Someone randomly comments or likes an old post you made and it reminds you how much you really loved that moment, meme, memory, movie, or message, at that time in your life?

I'm officially raising my glass, or bottle, to #ThrowBackWhenever! :)

#CaptainPlanet #Vandercise #YouAreBroccilis
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Ingenuity Innovation Center
A Community-Supported Innovation Center

#Ingenuity   #Innovation   #Vandercise   #Aquaponics  
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A #MondayFunday  Activity Below that May Remind You of Elementary School:
Leave your result in the comments!

1. Think of a number... Any number...

2. Double that number...

3. Add 6...

4. Divide in half...

5. Subtract your original number...

What number are you left with?


( Credit for Unrelated Photo: )
#StationaryBikes   #Vandercise   #NumberGames  
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