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Chad W Darroch

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Is this guy inactive? Is he new?

Fair enough; you might wonder – it’s srsly quiet around here.

But you know what they say about appearances: as with so many thingamas, there's more to this jigger than meets the eye.

Press the plus button and it all flips over,  like a supervillain's superhero's secret lair. It's a multicoloured madhouse behind the curtain; a kaleidoscopic collection of esoteric shit everywhere you look... and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure any of it's ready for mass production.

But you have to press the button to experience the madness - plus this post, or I'll never know you've added me and this'll be the end of the line for the two of us. My posts aren't public broadcasts. Don't need that shit.

Truth is, I've been highly active here since Week 1, back in the Beta days, and I'll probably circle you back if you're not a bluehead. 

Press the fucking button, breaux.

I tend to post intriguing things (but you're clearly a better judge than I):

• science stuff, especially physics, eco, and astro-centric spheres
• geopolitical stuff (governments suck and I'm a calm atheist)
• SCUBA diving & other ocean-related stuff
• Canada (my birth country) stuff, highly negative
• Panama (my true home) stuff, overwhelmingly positive
• food stuff, from field to fork (including agri/horticulture)

A rich, if dissonant, mix of all that jazz. And a bag of chips? Well, sometimes. You tell me.

Whatever floats my goat today - and shit floats my goat in a big way (I tell ya hwat). So I'm interested in all that jazz and then some, whatever chips you've got, and everything we can discover together - if you have cool things to talk about, I promise: we're going to get along splendidly.

Jazz chips, man.
Press the fucking button already.


This is as good as it gets on the Public side of the wall - you'll get bored soon enough because this post doesn't even have any cowbell. And you need more cowbell. You've got the fever. I know you do.

Are you not entertained?? 

You may well be. And if so, then perhaps you're a shiny new circler - welcome.What do you say: are you shiny, or aren't you?

I bet you are, you crazy diamond, you.

So tell me about it.

TL;DR: make sure to plus this post so I know to add you back.

Press the fucking button. I dare you.

Chad W Darroch

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If you circle me, you should plus this post to let me know to circle you back. If you see private posts from me, you're already hooped.

That is all. Thank you.
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Chad W Darroch

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..> the copywriter is mumbling to himself again.
.?> medicate copywriter

..> the copywriter persists, gibbering on about life and work.
..> he chuckles irreverently and swears.

If you have or will have your own business (or are a seasoned Marketing Director/CMO/equivalent), here's a circle-slot wisely invested:

I made a business page so all you lovely Internet folks don't get bored by business posts you don't care about (and to protect the others from overexposure to my regular rants and nonsensical drivel).

#panama   #copywriting   #copywriter  
Commercial compositions for all enquiring minds.
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Chad W Darroch

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Cool stuff - underwater!
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Exploration & creation: life administered in haphazard doses of considered analysis and random impulse, for better and for worse. Oh, and people pay me to write genuinely memorable things.
Writing. Teaching. Ecology. Cooking. Knives. Obsessively mastering any random sphere down to its hidden minutiae (infomania). An IQ you'd accuse me of lying about. INTP. Truly keen vision for the upcoming.
  • Entrepreneur - copywriter
    Sought-after copywriter; SCUBA instructor; personal chef, 2003 - present
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polyfaceted thinker and doer of things ║ top copywriter & chef of some repute ║ scuba diver & eco enthusiast ║ interweb wizard & acerbic misanthrope
A mix-n-match of perspectives and insight earned over seventeen years' adventures across industries, elements, and cultures. A penslingin', SCUBA teachin', green-livin' expat chef working blunders from mountaintops to the depths below... 

...a bright-if-somewhat-tarnished light in dark places:
  • focused through a clear liquid lens of insight
  • amplified by genius-level intellect
  • prismatically dis/refracted
I've enjoyed some pretty slick-sounding titles:
  • #Copywriter
  • Culinary Director
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Executive Chef/Resort Manager
  • Community go-to: tech & Internet miracle guy
Well... that last is less "title" than 'inevitable eventuality'. ಠ_ಠ

Whatever. A list of jobs is no way to define a person. 

I think on the fly.
Land on my feet. And I
Always hit the ground running.

That puts far more between the lines than on them.

I live happily ensconced in an extinct volcanic crater, where a truly unique microcosm of climate, community, and geo/biology creates what I call paradise.

Permanent tropical spring, 600m above sea level; year-round growing in rich volcanic soil; dense, primary cloud forest; shallowly-underground lake and river system heated by deep magma; potable springs and crystal-clear streams lined with fruit trees. Life: diverse, dense, and vibrant. Lush.

A clean, healthy, feel-good lifestyle: polar opposite to the vacuous consumer-grind.

How I spend my days instead: reading, writing, learning, teaching, hiking, scuba diving, cooking, gardening, survival skills, analysis, debate, discovery, exploration.

Drums (cajon, djembe & other hand percussion), harmonica, and bass guitar.

I'm into protests and politics, tech of any type, science of all sorts... come to think of it,

I'm interested in everything. The whole universe fascinates me because everything is just so cool if you take the time to explore things a little.

That's my 'infomania' talking, but whatever - it's awesome. Intelligent curiosity and cognitive diversity are paramount qualities, says I. And all too rare - after all, if you're not interested, how can you be interesting? N'est ce pas? Yo creo fuertemente que si.

I am the Hermit; I am the Moon.
Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving


The world is an oyster, or so someone once said. I like oysters. Ostreidae: fucking coolest bivalves you'll ever see, breaux. And some of 'em are tasty. Check it out.

Informed. Overboard.
Caveat emptor.

#scuba #Panama #expat 
#atheist #atheism
#INTP  #genius  
#knife #knives 
#chef #food 
#writing #copywriting #freelancer #freelance #writer
 #copywriter #entrepreneur #marketing

Bragging rights
I've got that shotgun shine. Shame about it - born under a torn sign with a bad moon in my eye.
  • preposterous adventures
    1982 - present
    Life uncommon. Unlocked. UnFuckingHinged.
  • College
    2001 - 2003
    I bought a few papers from some college or other - a pretty good one too, apparently.
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Phone? No, yell from the gate.
What is this, 1995?
Or 1990?
Chat? No.But "Yahoo" sounds like fun - Yahoo!! Yell that from the gate if you want something. You know, make it sound like you're having a good time out there. Inspire me to go see what all the excitement's about.
Yell. From. The. Gate.
Phone-free since 2009.
Home is work, work is home - like a boss, I'm my own.