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Mom had never heard of cosplay, but she has about 5 outfits based on Game of Thrones, that she is making for her friends. One of them even has some Stark shoulder fur. (She reads about the lead GoT costume designer who revealed the trick recently in an interview.) I really should have mentioned cosplay to her years ago. Pictures in the months ahead.

Heading home and am sitting in San Francisco airport for another 6 hour stretch. Fortunately this time it's in the evening, so I won't be hungry. A smarter person would bring jerky for flights. Ha!

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Clyde's in the wild. My uncle took me to Shore Acres State Park, here in Oregon, on Saturday. We saw bonsai, various plants, crazy wind and sea torn cliffs, sea lions, and seals. Pictures by said Uncle Randy.

1. Ignorance equals happiness.
2. Looking at all the seals and sea lions. Those small brown rocks, center? That's a colony of like 100+ sea lions.
3. Poinsettias? Anyone know? Pretty pretty.
4. Bonsai. We thought the one on the right might be an actual fucking maple. Crazy.
5. Closer pic on the maple.
6. More contemplative pic, this time facing death half-on.
7. Harbor seals... sea lions are dicks and make them hang out far from them.
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Been cookin' while on vacation at moms. Boneless pork ribs in almond flour, mashed taters, green beans, and side salad. Weather in the pacific northwest has been insanely nice, I might need to do first retirement out here.

Just watched a crow drop some kind of nut in the road for a car to crush, then fly off with the pieces to go eat.

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To be clear. Fuck Nazi's.

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Possible vpn

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Could solve breakfast issues.
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