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Got to the top level, but the boss got me on today's daily. I didn't realize how useful Backstabs are with curses. As every curse gives you strength. I should have got every Backstab I could find and lot's of curses. Bag of Marbles works with this strategy well. I may try another run today.

Edit- Tools of the Trade was also really helpful. But cards with straight draw were not.

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I got to the top for the first time on the daily. It was super fun. Normal monsters drop relics instead of cards, so I tried to fight normal monsters as much as possible. My deck ended up getting seriously out of control. Power cards are kind of like the bronze cards in Ascension, not so great at the start, but really powerful once you start getting more.

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I've been watching The Rain on Netflix. I've been watching it subtitled, so I don't know if it maintains the show in the dubbed version. It's really pretty good. It's a Zombie apocalypse where the zombies die in minutes so the only thing left is the other people who survived. It's a bit of a magic box show, but it doesn't seem too wonky. I think they are actually going somewhere with the story. It's worth a watch, if you don't mind reading, it's at least 3 stars on the old Netflix scale, may end up being 4.

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Slay the Spire is the most fun for $10. It's a non-collectible card game, but it's better. Ever do a booster draft in Magic, or Arena in Hearthstone? It's sort of like that. Well... I should just tell you what it's like.

You play a character who gets a certain kind of card deck. You have a somewhat random deck. You fight monsters who basically are like a simple deck. If you defeat them you get a card, and some stuff, there's also treasure, tough RPG-ish choices, merchants, resting. You play as far as you can get and then you die. Each time you play, you're trying to construct the best deck you can out of the random choices you get. It's super fun.

It's on sale right now, for 10-ish american.

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Knife sharp.

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I just learned today that Google Plus now has Advanced Search Operators. Thank Fucking God, I can actually find things now.

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We've used these to run a game of Dungeon World. They're pretty cool, and look good.
I’m designing a set of art stamps, to serve as a map-making tool for tabletop games.

Each stamp depicts an iconic piece of terrain, such as mountains, forests, or seas. Map each hex as your players explore it, or pass the stamps around the table at the start of a campaign, and ask everyone to map their own little corner of the known world. Create an attractive map in a fraction of the time it would take to draw it by hand.

Game Stamps are traditional art stamps, made of vulcanized rubber and mounted on wood blocks. The artwork is compatible with 1” hexes, and can be used on vinyl mats if you have a water-soluble inkpad.

I’ve designed the following artwork for the basic set:

Woods, deciduous
Woods, conifer
Castle or Walled City
Ruin or Dungeon Entrance

I have a lot of ideas for expansions... "Rivers and Shores", "Roads and Settlements", and even “Stars and Spaceships”... but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself! For now, I’m focusing on a basic set of 12 stamps.

I’ve already produced a number of prototypes, but I still have a lot of ground to cover before I launch a Kickstarter campaign. I need more feedback on the artwork, and I want to find some playtesters to try the stamps out “in the wild”.

Want to join me on this journey? Let me know what you think of the basic set, and if you’d like to use them in a playtest.
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