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Been cookin' while on vacation at moms. Boneless pork ribs in almond flour, mashed taters, green beans, and side salad. Weather in the pacific northwest has been insanely nice, I might need to do first retirement out here.

Just watched a crow drop some kind of nut in the road for a car to crush, then fly off with the pieces to go eat.

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To be clear. Fuck Nazi's.

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Possible vpn

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Could solve breakfast issues.

In San Francisco the bike cops ride inside the airport.

When you don't have a lot to say when someone responds to you in a thread is a plus one commonly accepted as a; "I heard you," "you're welcome," etc? Or is pinging everyone in a thread to make a low effort, but polite comment, to say you're welcome, etc, more expected?

Lately I've been plus one-ing as an acknowledgement, but I'm bad at social, so I'm wondering if people perceive this the way I intend.


I've been playing Fortnite since it's release and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a speciallized fun, so I can't give it a general recommendation. It's basically Orcs Must Die, plus a bit of Minecraft. They use the word survival in their advertising, which they shouldn't, it contains no elements of what survival means in video games. It's basically a Horde co-op game where you find materials, build your base, and then pull the lever to unleash the horde. It has a crazy amount of progression stuff, I've spent about half my time so far trying to figure out choices.

Basically if you played Fallout 4, and ignored their package narrative because you were too busy finding new bases, and the only reason you got to level 27 was to build the missle turrets, this may be the game for you. Otherwise, it may not be the game for you.

It will be free to play next year, so you can just be patient. It has all those systems in place now and it's obvious they hired psychologists, so that may be a factor in play... I bought an expensive package so I can't judge that very well.

Any questions?

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