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Peter Ryan
A kiwi who changed his allegiance to an Eagle
A kiwi who changed his allegiance to an Eagle


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Finishing up
We spent all day yesterday completing the task of winterizing Onapua. As well as replacing the water with antifreeze in the engine, head and water tanks, I had to disconnect the batteries, drain the engine water pump so that the impeller wasn't sitting in a...

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Winterizing Onapua
I spent yesterday adding antifreeze to all my water systems and covering the boat with a gigantic tarp I got from Harbor Freight. It was quite difficult wrestling with the tarp in the wind and getting it tied down tightly. It has started to turn cold here s...

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Hauling Onapua
Yesterday, I had Onapua hauled and placed in the yard. What a sad occasion it turned out to be. Take a look. After that I started the process of winterizing it and I used 12 gallons of antifreeze through the engine and the holding tank for the head. I still...

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Menominee Day 2
I had never heard of this town and wondered why it was such a popular place. Well the answer comes from this. Here are two of four Jet propelled littorio class battleships for the navy that are being built here and providing employment for the surrounding a...

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Well I made it and am tied up in the marina. I crashed when I got here and had a good sleep to catch up. Last night the fog was as thick as pea soup some I didn't get much sleep.

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Leaving Mackinac Island
Today I am going to Marinette Minaminee over in Wisconsin, a distance of around 150 Nm and I will travel overnight tonight and hopefully get there around noon on Tuesday. As always you can follow my location real-time through my satellite Inreach device by ...

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Mackinac Island Day 3
Can you imagine what it would be like to live without cars. Well imagine no more because Mackinac Island has biking, boating and horse transportation but no cars. So take a look at what it would be like on Main Street, Mackinac Island without your favorite ...

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Mackinac Island Day 2
This place is an ideal place to take a vacation and i would put it on par with Bar Harbor in Maine and Hilton Head SC. The main thing that grabs your attention when you get here is that there are no cars. If you like fudge this is the place to go with just ...

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Mackinac Island
What a beautiful day it was yesterday. I heard reports of 80 degree temperatures here in upper Michigan and this town looks so picturesque. Because this place is referred to the Upper Peninsula, the people like to refer to themselves as Uupers. Anyway I am ...

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DeTour Village
Well they say it's an evil wind that blows no good. All the hurricanes in the Atlantic have meant warm weather up here. Today it was 60-70 degrees.......again and the warm weather is expected to be here all next week. Nobody is here because 40-60 is the ave...
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