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Hey Everyone,

If you have a Mac with a webcam check Panoramic View by Coffee Break Studios (my friend +Peter Bugaiski)

I actually have 10 trial codes if you want to give it a shot for free, otherwise it's just $0.99 :) Give it a shot!

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In honor of the legend, Mr. Steve Jobs, Great Web Development, my employer, is throwing an iPad 2 drawing. I know it's backwards to demand everyone to go to Facebook to like a page, but do it anyway. All you have to do to be entered into the drawing is like our page

On December 19 we will draw the winner from our like list! Easy Peasy peeps!

Day 1 as an official Web Developer. It was everything I dreamed it would be

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Have a mac? Want some awesome screen savers? Support my friend +Peter Bugaiski and check out Panaramic View by Coffee Break Studios!

So I must ask, now that G+ is open to the public, has it lost it's magic? I have to admit I found the appeal in thinking I was part of an exclusive club where only 50,000,000 people were allowed to join. Now I have to share it with the other 50,000,000

Post has attachment Still one of the best songs ever. Gets a tear from me every time

So nothing throws a kink in your audio production chain more than your hard drive going kaput on your system when you didn't back up any of your recording files. Arrrg! Looks like A Theme for the Hallowed will be delayed until I can get my Vaio up and running again. Tried recording on my back-up pc and I feel like Scotty from Star Trek is screaming at me, "We just don't have the power!"

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So in case you hadn't already seen or heard this, Swallow was my first attempt at recording using my Presonus audio interface. Still a lot to be desired, I'm starting to learn more about the benefits recording guitar pieces in stereo and not mono. I'm actually working on another piece inspired by a piano riff that I wrote when I was 12, so if you like this, my next one is going to be a bit more...haunting and digital it's called A Theme for the Hallowed, in the mean time check out Swallow if you haven't already.
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