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Free drinks and bad advice.
Free drinks and bad advice.

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I was going to have a longer post here, but I realized what I really wanted was to start a conversation. There's lots of guides for GMs in traditional games, what kind of topics do you think we'd need in one for running co-operative games?

Please back my patreon and support cooperative games!

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Character Generation Library - Unhallowed Metropolis
I got this game ages ago, and I haven't actually managed to play it yet. It's not so surprising because I don't frequently get a chance to play much lately, and the game itself is one that requires a pretty good understanding of how the parts work in order ...

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More awesome talk about Horror in games with +Michelle Lyons-McFarland!
I am very pleased to announce episode 109 of The Gauntlet Podcast is here! In this one, +Kate Bullock and I are joined by +Michelle Lyons-McFarland to discuss ways for successfully facilitating horror RPGs. It's a topic all three of us are really invested in, and we manage to cover a lot of ground in an hour. All in all, just a great conversation.

Also: if you have not filled out our Feedback Form for Gauntlet Con, please do so at the link below. If you're interested in volunteering to run a game, there is a form for that as well.


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Look! An actual play of We Used To Be Friends!

Their session 0 is in two parts. I've linked to the first one, but the second part is on the main page!

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Character Generation Library - Classic Battletech
Going through my drive library right now, because it's easier than grabbing a book at the moment. I have "Classic Battletech" which I remember as Battletech 3rd edition. I grew up loving battletech. We used to play it at Bryan's house with coins for minis u...

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Character Generation Library - 13th Age - Massium Cardinal
Time to get back to this. The list of games I have is growing and not making time for these is slowing me down. When in doubt, alphabetical is the way to go. That means 13th Age, which I have only heard of rather than actually played. Mainly because it felt...

Okay, I'm posting here for the first time because yay group thoughts!

So, free RPG day is coming up on Saturday and it usually irks me because it's mostly all about quickstarts and the like. I know why they do it, but there are a lot of good Free RPGs out there.

What are some of your favourite free RPGs that don't necessarily get all the love that they deserve?

Some of mine are:
Metropole Luxury Coffin (
Doom and Cookies (
The Droog Family Songbook (

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I just officially joined +handeyesociety! Got the official letter and everything. If you're in the GTA area, and you're interested in making games and getting more people into games, I highly recommend you join too. Right now our new project is Camp Make-A-Game. We're trying to bring game making to underserved neighbourhoods in Toronto and the GTA.

You can pay monthly, or yearly, it's up to you, but if you care about games this is a wonderful organization.

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This was something that +Rachel Kahn was talking about at Anime North, and I personally can't wait to check it out. You should check it out too!
Today at 2pm EST, +C Huth and I will be rolling up - and drawing up - a 5th Edition DnD character! Come join us!
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