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Would someone who's done the auto bed leveling mod with an inductive sensor be willing to do a quick write up on the wiki on how to do the mod? Tom's youtube video gives a good start but I'm interested to learn how this is done for the RigidBot. Things I'm not sure about are if it will work with the RigidBoard when flashed with the community edition firmware, what resistors to use with the sensors and so on. 

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Need help with my E3D V6. I installed it following Tom's instructions on his youtube channel and used Walter's mount. I used the RigidBot stock thermistor and heater cartridge. I did a PID auto tune and also recalibrated the extruder. 

Every print I do has issues where the layers an not even. See the photos for examples. The problem seems to be worse on the back side of the Y axis. I also seem to be having problems with the support material pushing past the walls of the print. I had none of these problems with the stock RigidBot hotend. The prints before I switched to the E3D were really good. The only thing I changed was the hotend and installed Walter's linear bearing mounts. 

To try to solve this problem I've adjusted the temp up and down, the extrusion rate and different varieties of PLA. My next course of action is to completely take apart the hot end and reassemble it. Does anyone have any other insight? 
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For those of you who have put the heated PCB on top of the aluminum build plate, how do offset space for the resisters and leds on the bottom of the PCB? Metal washers?

Recieved my five pack of filament today. Two days late and 4 of the 5 colors are right. For some reason I got the gray instead of yellow. Doesn't bother me though. I hope they don't get everyone's color selections wrong.

Having a problem with bigger, more intricate prints. When the walls are being built outwards, the plastic starts to curl up above the printer head. On a smaller print its not too much of a problem but on the larger print the plastic hardens and when the head comes back to the piece it knocks it off the bed. I'm printing PLA at 210 degrees, 90 speed and the rest are IAP defaults for Cura. Does anyone have any idea how to keep the plastic from curling up? Do I need to place a desk fan at the print? 

Since my RigidBot came without the heated bed PCB, does anyone know if there will be issues assembling the unit without it and just printing with PLA? Would like to do something until I hear back from IAP.

Just got shipping notification from IPA. Regular kit, 2nd Nov group. USA, California - Sacramento

What would everyone recommend for "must have" 3D printing tools or accessories? I'm talking about digital calipers and so forth.

In light of today's announcement, I wonder if Woot is planning on scrapping the Crapster website....

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I'm here. It did take me nearly two months to read this though....
The funny thing about Google+ is that I feel really cool being on the cutting edge of technology, but it doesn't do you any good if no one else is here to share it with you.
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