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Are you a newly published author who wants to spread the word about your book? I have a degree in mass communications (marketing) and I too just published a book. If you are interested in a free correspondence course please let me know. It’s free because I’m trying the idea out for the first time.
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Dear Tara, I am changing my email account to gmail from yahoo. Please write me at thanks
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Instead of a US government shutdown, politicians need to focus on the real social issues such as free healthcare for all. Is it US Citizen's fault that we don't have free healthcare since we vote in the same politicians year after year? Opinions?
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Tara Miller

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Great share; I've thought (felt?) for a long-time that, when it comes to making decisions, gut instinct is as useful as intellectual deducing.
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Editor and writer living in the Ozarks.
My life's like Pagan Bluegrass with tales of suffering and hope sung in sweet tight harmonies. I'm married to Arkayne Magii. He's an exceptional artist, caligrapher and photographer. He drew my profile image.

My Google+ content isn't geared just toward Staff of Asclepius readers though. It also follows my own interests such as Xbox games, books, movies, music, RPG, the environment, history, space and cooking, esoteric (Pagan/magic/mystic) and much more. Those would also be good circles to add me to.

I'm a new editor with Megalithica Books at Immanion Press.  I compiled an anthology called Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul: Magic Practitioners Living with Disabilities, Addiction, and Illness. You can purchase a paperback copy at or ebook for Kindle at

I write the Staff of Asclepius blog at Patheos. Every weekday I share  press releases, articles, information, and videos concerning Paganism, spirituality, health, or disabilities. It's a collection of useful information and sometimes entertainment.

Make sure you don't miss out. Ask to be added to the Staff of Asclepius Circle.

About the Staff of Aslcepius:
 The Staff of Asclepius is for Pagans with mental, physical or sensory impairments; who are in recovery from major injuries or addiction; and/or who are members of the Deaf or Blind community. It’s a place to share how a spiritual and magical life gives us strength or peace through all of life’s joys and struggles. There are also news updates and interviews with Pagans and experts on various topics affecting the community. Since starting the blog in August of 2010 as Pagans with Disabilities, I’ve realized that the topic of health can include so much. Thus I renamed the blog Staff of Asclepius.

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