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Works at Adfero testing things and working on Analytics
Works at Adfero testing things and working on Analytics

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Post has attachment have researched some key statistics which show just how well B2B Email Marketing stands up against social media channels #Infographic

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Question to SEO bods - why does a site search such as have fewer results than inurl:www this happens on +SEOmoz for example and many others...

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Coca Cola campaign bankrolling promotion for local Restaurant
Saw this today and just had to share the cleverness of a restaurant that has recently re-opened under new management here on Kangaroo Island.

We all know that small businesses have to watch the pennies when it comes to promotions, but really clever businesses find ways to make other people's marketing spend work for them!

I stopped in at Restaurant Bella today (here's a link to some reviews) , never expecting to be blown away by their marketing ingenuity.

There on the sidewalk, outside the restaurant is a simple handwritten sign - "Bring us a 600ml Bella Coke and we'll swap it and give you a free coffee as well"


Coca Cola recently launched the massive Share-a-Coke Campaign across Australia, releasing personalized cans and bottles of coke for all those who want to scramble through the refrigerator to find the name they are looking for. To be honest, I thought it was a little lame and had pretty much ignored the cans and bottles that now seem to be visible everywhere drinks are sold.

But today, I suddenly began to love this campaign! Not because I could potentially find a can with my name on it - highly unlikely given my moniker - but because I saw how a small business owner with smarts is managing to get Coca Cola to pay for some seriously cool promotion with negligible cost to themselves!

So, every person who buys a Bella Coke somewhere else can bring it to the restaurant and swap it for a regular coke. On top of that, they get a free coffee.

Now this is really the master stroke! Actually, given that the restaurant used to have a reputation for serving the best coffee in town, but has been closed for a few months, it is pure genius.

Every one of those Bella Coke finders that turns up to do a swap is handed a free cup of coffee. What better way to start spreading the word that "Bella" is again the place to go for the best cup of java on the island?

There are other spinoffs of course. First, the restaurant gets to display and serve Coke that carries the Bella name. Now that's a nice little touch for a local restaurant ;) .
Then there's the fact that people are talking about the clever little "Swap a Bella Coke" offer. Hell, I'm even sharing it on Google+. Very nice word of mouth promotion (social sharing in it's purest form) for the newly re-opened eatery.

...but best of all, the monogrammed merchandise, the visibility marketing and campaign promotion have all been paid for by corporate giant Coca that's smart!

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