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Is probing supposed to work properly in the develop branch of redeem? I'm trying to finish my delta printer least squares auto-calibration code (, if anyone's interested), but G30 (and the respective PathPlanner.probe() method) gives me a headache.

It would seem to me that PruInterface.get_steps_remaining() doesn't work quite reliably. In particular, if I move the print head mid-air and issue "G30", I believe I should always get a bed distance of -10.0mm. However, I get something like -7.69690200129mm with debug log stating there are 235 steps remaining. This also results in print head not returning to the starting position correctly.

What am I missing?


I got hit by a badly heating extruder stepper motor. On the default current of 500 mA the temperature rose to over 90°C, and even when reducing the current to 100 mA, the temperature remained high. Since I have to run the axis steppers in microstepping mode 8 to avoid noise, I might as well switch all of them to more compatible ones.

Question: which steppers should I get? My only specs would be NEMA 17, probably 1.8° per step. Should be suitably powerful to run a delta printer with decent speed and acceleration. Maybe we could compile a list of recommended steppers in the wiki?

Hi, folks. I need some hand-holding: I'm trying to set up Z-probing for my large Kossel-style delta printer. I have a differential IR probe a la David Crocker and I've connected it to X2. It works great, I can do "M574 X2 x_cw,y_cw,z_cw" and it works just fine. What I don't understand, however, is how to get that working with G30. If I enable the endstop and do G30, the hotend just stops at the endstop instead of doing the reverse-reprobe dance. Heeeeelp.

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Microsoft and Nokia are whining about Google bundling its search and Play Store to Android, and about offering Android "below cost". Hey Nokia, please remind me of the asking price of for Symbian? Or Meego? Apparently it was below cost because you decided Windows Phone would be the winning card. Also, now that you mention, could I please have one Lumia phone without Microsoft's Windows Phone App store and Bing search?
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