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Marketing is not a singular activity. One specific strategy does not have the ability to reach multiple target demographics. Not utilizing multiple strategies in your marketing mix segments your customer base. Breaking down your target audience into specific categories, such as generations, allows your message to reach a variety of audiences effectively.

Close the Generation Gap in Your Marketing
Do you ever ask a lady's age? Well, in some cases, you should. And ask men, too. Knowing your customer's age group can help you fine-tune your marketing approach. Different generations respond to very different things. Seniors seek out trust and authority, and value face-to-face communication. Boomers appreciate high quality, and first-class service. Gen Xers value time and money. And finally, the Millennials. Gen Y respond well to, what else? Social media marketing.

Nurturing Your Practice
It takes a village to market and develop a strong business. Online presence is needed to market yourself, but don't forget to use those old standbys: logo, signs, business cards, brochures, stickers, and letters and envelopes. These messages allow you to reach out and touch your target audience, and help raise a thriving practice from infancy and beyond.

Juggling Business and Life
No one wants to drop the ball, but it's easy to do. Most business owners juggle more things than a circus performer - emails, phone calls, reporting, payroll - the list is endless. Add in children, aging parents, or illness and the balancing act begins to teeter. Prepare for life's interruptions and document your company's procedures. Allow your staff to make decisions, and backup files and information on a cloud server for anywhere access. Get this down and you can relax knowing your business's performance won't falter.

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We design marketing programs specifically tailored to the nature of your practice in order to effectively reach prospective patients.

Beef Up Your Email Distribution List
Throw away the pen & paper and collect email addresses with an app. There are applications available that will allow you to seamlessly upload distribution lists to your email service. Configure your iPad or tablet with your logo, display it at your practice, and ask your patients to enter their email address during checkout.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Remember Justin Guarini? C'mon, the American Idol runner-up isn't lodged in your memory? No one remembers the runner up, so make sure you separate yourself from your competition. Be a branding songbird with creative messaging, a unique voice, and an image that cannot be forgotten. With great customer service, and pleasing your target audience, you'll create a loyal following. So, be a Kelly Clarkson - the American Idol we all remember.
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